Are the security people at LAX requiring passengers to show their abs now? Ashlee Simpson’s husband Pete Wentz gave other travelers an eyeful whether they liked it or not, when he pulled off his clothing for security check in. It’s not the first time Pete has revealed his assets- nude photos of him circulated on the internet in 2006 – he had foolishly sent them to a girlfriend.


  1. He’s sex on a stick. And I’d ride that stick for days. Yummmmmm.

  2. there are still questions about his blowjobs?

  3. If I have to show my stomach off before boarding a plane, I will have to go Greyhound. First, I am out of shape and Secondly, it makes me sick to look at it why on earth would I want power-hungry airport security taking a peek? No Way. I’m grounded for life.

    The Wentz guy looks fine. He’s a short little fellow isn’t he. I have seen photos of him with his child and he seems crazy about his little boy. I bet he’s a good daddy.

  4. If THIS is actually for an airport screening, things have gone too far. What is this supposed to accomplish? There HAS to be a better way. Are we to assume women will now have to raise their shirts up as well? And if not, then that is unfair discrimination. I’m not saying I WANT to flash anybody, but people should all be treated the same, or not at all, unless they have just cause to suspect something.

  5. imho, tattoos are so dead common, especially when most of the arm is covered in them.
    To me, he looks dirty and scruffy most of the time. I ,too, think he is crazy about his kid and his wife, that is when he is not on the road, flirting and having a good time, as has been widely reported.

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