Jersey Shore’s Pauly D is moving up the social ladder and leaving the grenades far behind. Recently he ‘s been linked to Brittny Gastineau and Chloe Sevigny. Brittny insists they’re just friends, but she tweeted this cozy photo of them together having dinner at a New York Restaurant. Hmm. Chloe was photographed chatting and flirting with Pauly at a Knicks game in New York, and Interview magazine demanded an explanation. Asked if they were dating, she replied “No, but I wish, that would be hilarious. It would be a strange meeting of the minds.” She went on to admit that she finds him “funny and easygoing” on the show (which, of course, she has only seen “a few times”) and she admitted “If I were to pick one of the dudes on the show, I’d pick him.” Hey Pauly, – looks like it’s YOUR move now!



  1. Well, it’s not like any one of them actually needs the ability to THINK!

    That Brittny chick only has a semblance of fame because she is the daughter of a famous sportsman. That hardly takes talent. Isn’t it about time she quit living off her father’s wealth and got an education and/or career? What a novel idea, huh? Actually working and being in this young generation instead of being famous for nothing or who screwed you, or how obnoxiously drunk you can stay.

  2. I don’t know if anyone else remembers the “reality” show with Brittny (I can barely type that ridiculous name) and her mother. Mom was kind of a bimbo, but at least she knew it and had a sense of humor about herself. Brittny came across as a spoiled, dumb, useless brat. She made the Kardashians look like they could be at Algonquin Round Table.

  3. Seriously?: Yes, I remember it. It was the prelude to the current crop of crap such as the K’s and their ilk. I agree with your assessment of the mother and daughter. I was beyond staring in open-mouthed shock at their ridiculous money grubbing and the mother’s plastic frozen face. it was hideous. I wonder what they dop for money now because they seemed to spend a lot of time trying and failing at different ventures.

  4. Every time I think this world just might have a chance to make it I have to see a story about some in-bred ass wipe like the ‘situation’. Why the gals would be chasing this ugly, stupid fuck just baffles me. Of course someone would also have to tell me why a fat little foul mouthed pig like Snooki has everybody going crazy.

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