Here’s a McCartney you don’t see very often. It’s Paul’s lookalike son James – he looks a lot like his dad except for the red hair (and the quantity of hair.) He’s a guitarist/drummer and he’s currently working on an album with his father. James,30, is rarely seen in public but he turned up at a Christmas party at his sister Stella’s shop in London.


  1. My cats bloody asshole looks more like paul than that fugly retard james.

  2. You look more like Angelina Jolie than James looks like Paul. GET GLASSSES!

  3. Ok. I was in love with Paul when he was the age in the photo and I was like 6. His son is not cute, and although he has some of Paul’s features, they just don’t jive like Paul’s.
    Paul and Linda weren’t a good mix for good looks. I’m sure his son is nice though.

  4. wow paul’s son is sure a ugly one! pual was a nice lookin man in his early yrs. now that he’s older he’s joined the ranks with his son. sorry about the spelling! i mean paul

  5. Sweet mother of god.
    Are ALL of his children ugly?
    First the moon-faced beast that is his daughter Stella, and now THIS?
    McCartney’s spawn are almost as ugly as Bruce and Demi’s.

  6. This son has smarts and some common sense. Hated his dad for being mean to his mom and staying a grumpy old pothead, misery freak except with his rich druggie pals.

  7. This son has smarts and some common sense. Hated his dad for being mean to his mom and staying a grumpy old pothead, miserly freak except with his rich druggie pals.

  8. Uh, he’s not very attractive. Paul should not have toked-up with his kids; this guy looks way older than 30.

  9. Hey, hey, hey, wait a munite, Let it be the true: let him live, what has he down to you? Tomorrow is anouther day, may be your kid, that you dont know today… Im not sure allready that the beauty kann save the world, but the heart…

  10. I can’t believe how shallow some people are. He’s not handsome like his dad was, but he’s far from ugly. He’s coloring is different, and if he had brown hair (and more of it) he’d favor his dad more. He should get in the habit of wearing a cool hat and shades so he’d look more hip.

  11. Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen cooks should run back and star reading those cook books again and gather a better understanding of what goes with what and this people have all day to read this cook book but are not doing it and no wonder they are still says:

    Little Red hair wonder is great and that is Beautiful on a man Red Hair fantastic and Beautiful and great to have some one who has his good looks and wonderful shape and great smile.

  12. You should see Nick Rhodes’ daughter, Tatjana. I don’t know how she came out so ugly with a model mother and a Duran father.

  13. It’s a phenomenon of DNA, isn’t it? “Unattractive” children are often born from “beautiful” parents. The reverse is also true. What if that were the case? “How did such ugly parents manage to mix up their DNA in such a way that a spectacular version of them was born?” It’s called recessive genes. My oldest daughter told me that she was convinced she was the love child of the mailman, because she looked nothing like me or her father. But when she saw photos of her fraternal grandmother, it all came together for her. You must have noticed I put the words UNATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL in quotation marks, because beauty is subjective. Is James McCartney attractive to me? No, because I am sadly among the crowd who believes that his father is a spectacular specimen of a man……and he IS just that. I grew up with his music, so there is much more to him for me than those beautiful bedroom eyes and a splendidly haughty eyebrow arch. (Don’t get me started on the other 3) Myself…..I was blessed with a blend of a beautiful mother and a handsome blue-eyed father, and I’m often told I look like my fraternal grandmother. See how it works? Making babies is like a box of chocolates.

  14. Look at Demi Moore’s daughters. They are all hideous.

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