This could be a match made in heaven. Since Paris Hilton hooked up with Benji Madden, the two have been photographed all over town. And they’re both loving every minute of it. According to a friend of the Good Charlotte brothers Benji and Joel, the twins both aim to date famous women who will increase THEIR fame. And if the women have money, all the better. Apparently the band isn’t making much money and the Maddens love the high life. Joel went from dating Hilary Duff to Nicole Richie. And Benji is loving his newfound attention. As for Paris, we were amused to see HER dressed like a rock chick at LAX.


  1. Paris Hilton aka the World’s Most Famous Sex Worker.
    Bet he has herpes, too!

  2. Gross! Men are so shameless. Why would you want to put it where EVERY other dude in h’wood has had it?? if he’s lucky all he’ll get is herpes

  3. The Madden twins are no dummies when it comes to making money off of airhead chicks. But wait til they have to see the doc to get shots for the gift that keeps on giving. Tee hee.

  4. man hillary duff and then paris hilton?!
    personally i hate hillary duff and paris well my thoughts about her change from time to time

  5. Paris f.cked up. She lost that hot babe Stavros on account of her being such a slut. Now look at her with this fugly soon to be fat loser. That’s what she gets.

  6. What is so great about the Maddens? Can you imagine how filthy, loose and diseased Paris must be?

  7. So True, Corporal. The Maddens are not cute and in fact are getting squishy fat. Benji, stay away from this lost skank, why do you want to risk getting a STD.

  8. What do women see in these double chin twins? Paris is desperate, no doubt.

  9. Janet, sweetie sweetheart, Nicole’s last name is RICHIE, not RITCHIE, (a common mistake). Isn’t Benji a dog’s name. Hey, if Joel gets sick of Nicole, he can swap out with Paris. Isn’t that what twins do, share and share alike?

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