Kirstie Alley has declared WAR on the paparazzi that she claims are staked out in front of her house day and night. (All this, despite the fact that she’s busy drumming up publicity for her new series “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.”) Kirstie hired a private investigator (a Scientologist, we presume) to get their license plates, and check into their backgrounds, hoping for dirt. She turned in one snapper to the police when it was discovered that he was a sex offender. Illegal immigrants, consider yourself warned!


  1. Really now, would Scientology approve of this salutation. She is going to have to pay more bit $$$ to SCI and go into auditing to free up her thetan spirit. Calmness will then prevail. ha.

  2. She’ll be even more upset when the paparazzi consider her a “non” entity and stop taking her photo. Don’t worry, Kirstie—-that day will eventually arrive, and then you’ll be begging for just one little photographer to keep you “relevant” and in the news.

  3. Awesome! Looks like Kirstie has the Cruise curse: lack of brains, anger, impulsive behavior, etc., fill in the blanks.

  4. PS: What Charm School did you graduate from Kirstie?

  5. sounds like her Scientology programming is working overtime.

  6. I too will be thrilled when the paps start ignoring this huge has been. Sick to death of her crazy ass.

  7. Keep it classy, hon. And she wonders why no one wants to play in her work space. I’ll bet that garden of delight needs a weed whacker and a couple of cans of Glade.

  8. Kirstie a person can be overweight, and still be attractive,unless they give up on themselves,and start fighting with the world.
    When you were on Cheers,you were this sexy redhead hotly pursued by “Sam”. You did Not do the Jenny Craig commercials for free,but you were happy while losing.Maybe it is not what you are eating, but what is eating you.
    You have enormous wealth,a spacious home and children that you have been blessed to love.At some point stop allowing yourself to be stereotyped as a fat actress. We all are a work in progress.Give yourself at least 6 months to a year, to reevaluate your goals, and go for it.Go back to the hairstyle that reveals the real you and be thankful for the options that are open to you. A little tidbit for you: With everyone of us, the older we get, the better we used to be.Allow yourself to be encouraged,you still have fans who are rooting for you and your progress!!

  9. there must be gallons of it mixed with liqued fat in her…….

  10. She will never lose the weight. It’s not in her DNA. Bad attitude and just plain lazy.

  11. All this criticism is weird. I’m sure none of you have ever flipped the bird, had a weight problem, or practiced a religion others don’t agree with.

    The paps harrass; Kirstie’s harrassing back. Good for her.

  12. kait may very well be right. However, it’s kinda hard not to be a little tough on someone who has (1) tons of money..(2) healthy kids…(3) a long career at one time…(4) a huge mansion….(5) an obvious case of gluttony…(6) and most of all is in a demonic cult that is so satanic in its beliefs it makes you want to scream to her “WHY ARE YOU IN SCIENTOLOGY”.

  13. How Ironic!!! The Cult of $cientology have the biggest experience on harrassment of others . . . they do it well FAIR GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They can dish it ~ but can’t take it ~ because they are better than us, you know . . .

  14. kait, you must not read this site daily. these OLD ASS hens and roosters can be extremely judgmental.

  15. I really hope she quits Scientology. It made me lose all respect for her.

  16. If she wasn’t a believer in the looney Scientologist church, I’d love her to death for her fierce womanhood and strength of character. Wisely making lemonaide out of lifes’ sour lemons…

  17. Fish stink so foul. Is Parker now repulsed by her?

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