Okay, Pamela Anderson WAS irked when Kid Rock’s mother Susan Ritchie had the nerve to wear FUR to their wedding. But Pam wasn’t all that surprised – she and her mother-in-law have never been close. Pam never wanted to live in Michigan near Susan because Kid was such a mama’s boy. The fur incident was just one of many things that turned the 121 day marriage sour. Not to be overlooked is the fact that Kid presented Pam with a POST-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT that he wanted her to sign after they exchanged vows. Pam was appalled by the idea and she refused. From then on, nothing went right for those two. We have to give Pam credit for not bad-mouthing Kid – she’s really trying to keep the split civilized.


  1. Didn’t Eddie Murphy break up with Pregnant Spice because she dissed his mother?
    I smell a trend.

  2. Pam Anderson civilized? Wow, that’s a stretch! When we finally see her in a picture with some half way civilized clothes, talk to me. SHE IS A PUBLICITY MACHINE.. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO KEEP IT CRANKIN OUT. Flake.

  3. Only in American can a blond have Hepatitis C and still have men want to sleep with you.

  4. I don’t know what Kid Rock was thinking to begin with. She’s a tramp. She dresses like a slut. She’s made comments about that huge carrot being a perfect date. She’s got Hep C that she tried to blame Tommy Lee for.I’m glad the Kid finally gave his head a good shake. The sad part is she has 2 boys. How terribly embarrasing for them to have THAT as a mother. Imagine what school must be like for those poor kids.

  5. I wish she’d cover her gross lookings boobs and close her legs. I can smell her from here! (and I live in Canada)

  6. The one above, I think the first part was meant to read…I wish she’d close her legs. I can smell her from here. (I live in Canada to!)

  7. A post-nuptial agreement?
    Wow. Kid Rock was amazingly stupid to think Pam Anderson would agree to that.

  8. I totally agree with the 6th and 5th one above this . And the second of this to!

  9. Cheap and plastic looking whore with non womanly breats (they MUST be rock hard balloons somehow attached to her rib cage) anyhow, she’s a douche bag with Hep C….walking disease…the only reason ANY guy would want to sleep with her is so they can say “I slept with Pamela Anderson” It’s for the name ONLY…NOT for the person…”…her snatch must be more greased up than a hooker that managed to stay working for 100 years…

  10. We voted her off the Island{Vancouver} years ago.
    Need any more bimbo’s down there. Still lots up here!

  11. She chose her path and how sad for her boys. She was on a late night talk show recently and the woman was sketching, wired out of her gourd. She had glitter sprinkled all over her eyes, her clothes would make the sluttiest slut sluttier and her non-existent
    cuteness she tried to display was overplay by an overplayed publicity hound dog.Her hair was worse then a rats nest after a cat got hold of it, but I guess she was pretending to have just been screwed behind the stage curtain.
    Other then that, I like the gal.

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