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It’s yet another reality show for Pamela Anderson. She’s been spending most of her time in Europe either onstage, hosting club openings, or appearing on reality shows to bring in a few bucks. Pamela was drowning in debt a couple of years ago because of back taxes due and money she owed for home renovation. So she lit a fire under her agents and took just about every offer they were able to negotiate for her. You have to give her credit – she has been working nonstop and now she’s appearing in Amsterdam on the Dutch version “Dancing on Ice.”

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. at least she is tending to her business. She owes money and she working to get it paid. Good for her!

  2. Before anyone says those are bruises on her arm, they are not. They are birth marks and she’s always had them. Why do we never see her sons anymore? I believe they attend school in Canada. I wonder if her parents are basically raising them? Probably a much healthier environment for them than morally-bankrupt LA/Malibu/Hollywood. At least they are not getting photographed all the time.

  3. What a diseased skeeve. I hope that guy bathes in Lysol when he’s done.

  4. Good for her trying to pay her bills, but good God she has aged so badly.

  5. Whats wrong with working? At least she gets paid for going to the opening of an envelope.

  6. She seems like a nice person and has been an animal rights advocate for years.

    The sexism on this site is really tiring. Every woman is labelled a slut. No matter how much sex a woman does or doesnt have doesnt define her as a person. And constantly ripping women because they are getting old seems to come from the same sexists that critique women when they get plastic surgery.

  7. Local news reporting she is 31,ooo in arrears on property taxes owing here on Vancouver Island. It’s nice waterfront she better catch up.

  8. Give her kudos for working….something many more people should be doing.

  9. I agree with the other posters. At least she’s working. Frankly, I think she looks great.

  10. Dah? Her body is slamming. Woman was always a go getter and high achiever.

  11. @Anna: her kids are in a private boarding school in Canada near her parents’home and they comeback to see her and Tommy Lee during the holidays (according to Tommy Lee’s interview)

  12. She looks good. Her face looks different, maybe less injectibles in her lips. Good for her for working so hard. Maybe later she can relax and do more projects she wants to do. Hope she’s well.

  13. She deserves credit for working and for having to try to choke down that massive schlong of Tommie Lees all those years.

  14. zippy: LOL

    Pammie’s life has been so _______________(can’t think of an appropriate word), that it would take 3000 pages to write it all.

    She’s like the Energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going and going.

  15. I have to give Pam credit…she has been around for a long time but has managed to keep an INCREDIBLE body, no matter what.

    You never see her yo-yo dieting, no cellulite, she always has the same fantastic body….and as we all know, it gets harder and harder every decade to keep the weight off and look like her–and she has made it happen…

    I hope that she settles down with somebody nice, who ‘gets her,’ so she can stop working so hard all the time…its got to be tough having to grind it out all these years..she seems like a nice person and I really appreciate all the work she has done on behalf of the animals…way to go, Pam!

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