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Oscar Pistorius has had a grueling week answering questions about Reeva Steenkamp, the girlfriend he murdered, but don’t forget- after hours he can relax in the company of his NEW 19 year old sweetheart, Leah Skye Malan. (She’s a paramedic student.) He’d rather no one knew about the new girl he met in December – when they go out he has to wear a disguise. But that doesn’t stop her from being supportive to the killer through “a difficult time.” Even more shocking, Her PARENTS like him and welcome him to their home! Since the UK paper The Sun revealed their relationship, Leah has closed down her social media sites. Maybe she was bombarded by insults from outraged women!

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  1. He is so broken up because he “accidentally” killed his girl friend, he just goes out & gets another one. He could have at least waited until after the trial so he might be believed that he loved her & was heartbroken. Now we all know he is an uncaring dog & his actions at this trial are all an act…. UGH

  2. this is nothing new…what about all those women that go after the prisoners. Jailhouse marriages.

  3. A foolish thread. She may be dumb or foolish but neither has any bearing on the world’s female population.

    However, Kim Kardashian, who is trumpeted regularly on the JC website, is a total disgrace to every female. She has provided more ghetto BLACKS with access to all her body openings and seems to think that makes her special instead of trash.

  4. Strom, why this sick obsession with other peoples sex lives ? pretty creepy.

    btw the thread was about Pistorius, you do realize that right ? i’d bet money you’re on a list somewhere …

  5. That’s because many women think they are “different”, even if he killed Reva he is soooo nice to me, blah blah blah. This is how women get themselves beat up and killed. Leopards don’t change their spots. Who do you know who just starts shooting inside their home when they know someone is there with them. They had a fight, he lost it and shot her to death, end of story.

  6. Poor, creepy Alex so worried about Strom, who commented on the thread first, but maybe you have a tough time w/ reading. The new g/f may be dumb bit it has no effect on others.

  7. I hope that killer doesn’t get off! She is just as screwed up as him!

  8. I will borrow the line from a 60’s movie.
    Stop the world, I want to get off!!
    19 years old, and settling already. There must not be any other fish in the sea of life for this young woman. I hope that she enjoys that bun, that she is munching on, because just being “rumored” as the New girlfriend of this “lady killer” is going to be a sticky situation for her. Good Luck young lady, I still believe that you could do better than allowing yourself to come to the rescue of this man. I believe that he is very selfish to encourage you to become a part of the bad publicity that his life is all about right Now.
    If she decides that she is Not able to cope with being his lady love, I do Not think that she should tell him while being alone with him. PEACE!!

  9. That’s a good one – Strom on a list somewhere. Ain’t that the truth!

  10. He made the big mistake in ‘over-acting’. He is guilty and anyone with a brain can discern he is a killer.

  11. Best seller’s list

    Poor Gone.

    Isn’t Oscar still on trial and presumed innocent until found guilty?

  12. “He made the big mistake in ‘over-acting’. He is guilty and anyone with a brain can discern he is a killer.”

    Sounds like OJ Simpson, but the BLACK jury set him free!

  13. palermo nailed this one.

    she’s a 19 year old without much sense.

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