Let’s talk about the Oscar nominations that were announced today. We have a bone to pick with the Academy regarding Best Picture. It’s a GOOD thing that up to 10 films can be nominated – but some of the best movies were left OUT! The Big Sick, The Florida Project, I, Tonya, and yes, The Disaster Artist, were snubbed in favor of the less entertaining and far more PRETENTIOUS all-male Dunkirk, Darkest Hour, and Phantom Thread. (And nobody loves Daniel Day-Lewis more than we do!) We think (and hope) that Three Billboards and The Shape of Water will win most of the awards, but we’re also rooting for the swoon-worthy Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, and Get Out. Allison Williams deserved a Best Supporting nomination for Get Out, but there were just too many great female performances this year. Best Actor nominations are disappointing, except for Timothee Chalamet – women really have an advantage this year and none too soon.

Photo: Three Billboards’ brilliant Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell


  1. Sorry, Janet–respectful disagreement here.

    You’d have to look hard to find a bigger fan of Frances McDormand’s work (not to mention the others in the stellar cast), but we found Three Billboards to be unwatchable; The “family” scene that quickly devolved to an overturned table and a knife to dad’s throat was where we begged off. In a film that strained to hit any note that wasn’t false, that was the capper. What a disappointment after so much hype. 🙁

    But oh, how WONDERFUL is The Shape of Water? One of the most beautifully wrought films in many years. Loved every minute of it–and we’re listening to Andy William’s croon “A Summer Place”–from the Cadillac-purchasing scene–as we type this! 😀

  2. Psssst…Love the Disaster Artist BUT…Don’t care…not gonna watch..

  3. Make that “Andy Williams”–and we thought Lady Bird and I, Tonya were very good; sorry to not see more love from the Academy for The Florida Project; Willem was terrific in it, but our money’s on RICHARD JENKINS in The Shape of Water.

  4. Allison Williams, the poster child for nepotism and cronyism ….no thanks. Her Father is also a liar

  5. Well duh, JNut! The academy is made up of biased people with agendas. So it is only natural they’ll pick the movies they want to pick. So instead, why doesn’t JNUT publish HER list for the JNUT awards?

  6. Dunkirk was pretentious? And not very entertaining. What a stupid comment to make.

  7. 1. There were a few minor female characters in Dunkirk. They were nurses aboard the hospital ships, one of which was sunk.
    2. The reason Dunkirk is essentially all male is that almost everyone involved was male. All the soldiers, all the airmen & all the sailors. The same for the small boats in Operation Dynamo, as those boats were crewed by their owners, many fishermen & a few pleasure boat owners.

    So we’re left with yet another uninformed comment by Janet, who just writes without actually looking at the history of that most important event of WWII!

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