Orlando Bloom has moved on from superskinny Kate Bosworth to ultra buff Jessica Biel. Kate looks like she can barely carry her handbag while we figure Jessica could bench press Orlando. The playful pair turned up at Hyde Saturday – Orlando wore his usual goofy hat and Jessica was dressed in a short black and white dress and boots. They were on a double date with Orlando’s Elizabethtown costar Kirsten Dunst and a friend of Orlando’s called Charlie. They danced and partied and Orlando couldn’t keep his hands off Jessica. Another clubgoer said “When he wasn’t smooching her or nuzzling her neck, he was patting her round bottom.” Must have felt good for a change.

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23 thoughts on “ORLANDO BLOOM: LOVE PATS

  1. Yeah sure he was.. anyone else you wnat to set him up with??? JEEEZE!

  2. I hate to be a killjoy but Orlando wasn’t in LA last week. Sorry! *laughs at you*

  3. Biel is seeing Adam Levine, and has been for a few weeks *laughs too*

  4. Wait. Jessica is now what? No. 1627 on the list of girls/boys/dogs Orlando hooked up with after the split now? This is adorable! Leave that man alone, for Heaven’s sake!

  5. Didn’t I hear some rumor about Orlando being gay?
    Oh, wait.. everyone’s gay.

  6. You mean to tell me that THREE celebrities (Bloom, Biel and Dunst) were in Hyde and the paps didn’t catch them?? No way! nobody can go to hyde without getting Papped, oh and anyway Kirsten Dunst was in New York Last week also….

  7. Yeah it is a lot of women he has been linked with since he split with the skeletor, he is either the new Colin Farrell or this is all bullshit, and going by whats being said here… I smell bullshit, you would think these Gossip columnists would do their research so that the celebs in question were actually IN LA last week… *snort*

  8. ‘he is either the new Colin Farrell…’
    …or the biggest slut in history. *lol* But yeah, I smell BS, too. C’mon Janet, you can do so much better than that!

  9. Janet are you any relation to JACKIE CHARLTON?? Do spill the beans lass!

  10. Oh aye, and BOBBY CHARLTON! I forgot him! Forgive me eh? I m crying if you don’t forgive me! Look ’em up on GOOG;E if you dunno who they are! I see a resemblence round the hairline!!!

  11. Janet,
    Hate to break it to you but you got this one wrong. Kirsten was in NYC all week, Orlando and Jessica Biel are not an item. Someone is feeding you bad gossip.

  12. Last week? Orlando was filming the 3rd Pirates last week in Santa Barbara. Kirsten was at Hyde on Saturday.

  13. Uh, didn’t you say a few weeks ago that Orlando may have been dating Kirsten and using Penelope to cover it up? This is confusing.

  14. Well I saw paparazzi pictures of Kirsten at Hyde on the 21st (Saturday) but none of Orlando or Jessica B. He’s being linked to Jessica Simpson too. lol The guy is probably Gay and doing all this to hide it since he doesn’t have a full time beard anymore. He’s becoming a tabloid loser since his career isn’t doing much.

  15. Janet the paparazzi live outside of hyde, there is no way that this would not have shown up on some video. It is not true. Someone is pulling your leg.

  16. Love Jessica. She can do soooooooo much better than this hound.

  17. The press has been making him out to be the biggest male harlet. I guess with Colin being so out of the spotlight lately you goss and pressy types had to elect someone to take his place. There’s no way I believe any of this craziness. Even if you magically got his rep to confirm it, I still wouldn’t believe it. I don’t even believe the stars reps. You know they get their mouthpieces to lie for them all the time. that’s why you can never believe a word you read. Still, I’ll admit this rubbish is addictive and hilariously entertaining. By all means, keep the crazy goss coming.

  18. Completely False Story. There is no way this story would not have been out before now if it happened at Hyde.

  19. HAHAAA!!! I imagine somebody wanted to see just how out of touch you are, Janet, and fed you this RIDICULOUS story just to see if you would ACTUALLY print it….and you DID!!! LMAO oh and by the way, I saw Lance Bass and Michelle Rodriguez making out during a lunch date at the Ivy last week….email me for more fictional details….

  20. Oh lighten up people. It’s called gossip for a reason, it’s just hearsay. Who cares if it’s true and why should it matter to any of you?

  21. No sheet Chelsea. You know fully well that it’s peeps who personally dislike Janet for whatever reason. The comments seem too personal. Dave Navarro is behind some of them. Can’t stand that sludge.

  22. Lol, now Dave Navarro wades in?!
    Oh man.
    This story sounds wetter than a wet paper bag on a wet and windy day. Orlando is linked to every lady going and he probably has no idea who he’s supposed to be ‘dating’ next. The press/his agency just have to link him to someone. They do it with all the young actors.

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