Oprah is still frantically trying to resuscitate her OWN network so she’s going to start giving away more freebies. During the run of her Oprah show, the most popular segments were celebrity interviews and “My Favorite Things” where the audience walked away with a bag of gifts. Oprah is developing a weekly show for OWN in which a different celebrity each week will give away THEIR favorite things (tech items, beauty products, fashion etc.) Her friend Gayle King may or may not host – the details are still being worked out.



  1. I think people are so tired of Oprah that she will not be successful in this venture. Everybody thinks she has enough money to last her a lifetime and for her to be trying to start up her own network as being a little too greedy!!

  2. Oprah looks like she’s had her eye bags taken care of, and maybe some liposuction.

  3. I am so over Oprah and have been for a very long time. I don’t think she knows how to live a regular life now, without thousands of cult members screaming for her.

  4. I’ve tried to watch shows on OWN, but for the most part, it’s the same stuff you’d see — but better done — on Bravo, Style and the WE. I think she needs to just quietly keep giving to those in need (which she has done for years) and stop trying to beat a dead horse. To show how out of touch she is, she hired Rosie O’Donnell to do a talk show on OWN. Yikes.

  5. Spanx now making a “Tungsten and Reinforced Steel” line?

    Who knew! 🙂

  6. My wife was sucked into that cult for years.
    We fought over this.
    Now my wife has been deprogrammed and could give a rip about OWN. I have my wife back.

  7. the united states can’t be fooled that easy anymore, MISS KNOBLLETOE!!

    …………so delete this!!

  8. Haters! If you all truly watched Oprah you would understand what an extraordinary human being she is. I’ve met her in person and she is gracious, humble and engaging. She’s truly one of a kind and I thank her efforts to TRY to put better programming on the air. Networks aren’t built in a day or even a year. There will, and have been, mis-fires. She wasn’t totally committed to the network while trying to end her talk show. The ONE thing I worry about is I don’t want her to get too preachy, personally – I love it – I could listen to her on a loop in my house – however for the vast majority of the public – I fear they may tire of that as evidenced by comments above. Calling her new series “class” in the title I think is a mistake. BUT – we’ll see. But guys seriously don’t hate on Oprah, she’s done so much good and didn’t get to where she is without being strong, forthright with a dash of ego. I commend her for trying. OWN will get there. Just don’t hate on people who actually do good in this world – it’s ugly.

  9. She must be desperate, given the programming stunt she’s pulling on the 10th. The premiere episodes of the Rosie O’Donnell show and her own Lifeclass show are going to be simulcast on FIVE Discovery networks, several of which don’t program anything remotely resembling these shows. Why would anyone tune into Investigation Discovery to see Oprah? Or the Fit & Health network to see Rosie? It’s lame.

  10. Rosie on the fit and health network? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA That does not apply to her mentally or physically.

  11. Oprah has been successful but was a major EEOC enabled black from the time she was hired on a news program in Nashville. She was put out there as a female black and was the recepiant of much advertising $$$$ that the corporations seemed to pay as a guilt bribe to the likes of she and Jesse Jackson in order to be left alone.

    Why not take her money, Gayle, and their crotchless underwear to Gay Island and just retire and go away?

  12. Most people have turned against her cause America has taken a sad turn for the worse and they blame her and the Media.

  13. That’s not why I turned on her. Early days Oprah was more genuine, the later years one was too over the top. Pretending to be one of “us” when there is no way she could be any more. She got so full of herself, everybody kissing her ass day and night, she interrupted and talked over every guest on the show. Always name dropping. Dr. Phil got worse. So far Dr. Oz and Nate seem ok, but who knows, money and power go to some people’s heads. Rosie on the fitness circuit, that’s a good one.

  14. lol @ Patrick! Glad you have your wife back 😛

    I never really was a big Oprah fan… what I saw was that she always had these experts on her show that seemed fake to me… so I’m not over her because I was never with her. I think people, in general, are tired of her and have moved on. Nowadays, the one daytime show that I like is one that used to be on her show a lot from what I hear: Nate Berkus, he’s such a cutie!

  15. I commend her for trying and I have liked some of her shows on OWN. I loved the Oneal’s and I really liked the after shows. I think is HUGE mistake for her to promote Rosie O’Donnell and make it seem like she is handing her the baton. I mean Oprah has made a mantra of living your best life and Rosie is just sucking up b/c she wants to be the next Oprah. Rosie will NEVER be anything close to what Oprah is. Rosie is in her core an angry, spiteful person. You can tell from watching her promos that she’s just doing what she has to do to try and be Oprahlike! I mean she’s even wearing more jewelry and trying to be something she’s not. She will NEVER succeed on that network. She get’s bored and she’ll get angry and I can’t wait to see how they going to spin the controversy when Oprah and Rosie have their falling out. Hide and watch. Rosie will last there all of 10 minutes –

  16. I think her 15 minutes are up…Take a break or do you know how to and give people a chance to miss you…Dear.

  17. Too tell you the truth…I Think you could had stayed on for another 5 years…You left too soon!

  18. I Got a good idea…Why don’t you make movies about issues that are never addressed like CPS Fraud and Aids? This issues are never addressed in real life and often swept under the rug.

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