Michael Douglas has been doing his best to patch up his failing marriage with Catherine Zeta-Jones. He never forgets to mention her and their children when he makes a speech, and talks about her affectionately in interviews. But Catherine has been conspicuously absent from all the red carpet events that Michael attends. Since he filmed “Behind the Candelabra” Michael has been bombarded with movie offers. Catherine, 45, has not. It’s starting to look like Michael’s optimism about saving their marriage is not paying off and Catherine is already set to file for divorce.(Above, Michael and Catherine, one year ago)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. I’ve never understood this guy’s appeal to women. And, the older he gets, the more he looks like his homely father. I always wondered what she saw in him, especially being so much older than she is and a notorious sex addict in the past. I’ll never forget when she said how lucky she was because she got to go home to him every night! I guess the appeal has finally worn off.

  2. Kitty: she probably saw some money and a career boost when she “fell in love” with him. Now that she has pushed out two of his children and stayed married to him long enough to call it (barely) a long-term marriage, she can divorce him and get a big settlement.

  3. I hope she takes him for everything he’s got! He went after her and wouldn’t stop until he got her. His father was a rapist (Natalie Wood) and abuser. MD has a long history of using women. CZJ made a bad choice in thinking he’d changed, but, she has MORE than paid for it. He obviously did a head trip on her! Like Clint Eastwood and other life long woman users we are somehow supposed to think they are adorable just because they’re old and nearing death. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

  4. Major claims there, Trudy…any facts or does that matter. Rumor is she was a hooker,,,just a rumor.

  5. Hmmm, something is in the air. This is the 2nd article about them today.
    Time will tell.

  6. so he is choosing for his heart beats this time?
    ……..HOMES FOR THE ELDERLY ARE FUN, believe me!!

  7. @Strom A hooker? Can u develop please? Basically most female celebs are hookers, some of them were/have been for real, like Denise Richards for instance

  8. he knows his chances of anything mutual stable and of a long enough duration are slim to none so he is freakin’…..doesn’t wanna end up older and alone.

    maybe al pacino could help him out? he’s had great luck with much younger gorgeous woman for many years and she had a little girl, as well…. hooo yahhh.

  9. I guess they won’t be sharing their birthday parties together anymore. That’s tough for the kids, but I’ve never heard anything good about her or him.

  10. I don’t think “high heels” and “comfortable” go together in any sentence.

  11. I think that both of their illnesses- living with the bipolar and cancer had much to do with it. Take it from someone who knows!

    These are devastating…

  12. Of course, she didn’t have any talent, so was happy to use her “charms” for $.

  13. He takes these young women marries them and then keeps on cheating on them after they have children…he is a cad and to add to that she has a chemical imbalance in her brain.

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