On and Off

This on and off couple finds it hard to call it quits because they have a lot in common. They both LOVE being famous and enjoy having photographers document their activities. Since they both have a history of substance abuse, they TRY to stay away from temptation. But the most important factor that has kept them together is SEX and plenty of it. They both have herpes so they can freely indulge in unprotected sex with each other with no repercussions. When they go out with OTHER people, they have to be careful!

38 thoughts on “On and Off

  1. has to be either lindsay blohan and harry morton or brandon davis and parasite hilton

  2. Definitely Parasite and her greek boyfriend. They’re always on and off and it’s been reported that she has herpes.

  3. Maybe Nicole…did Paris have a substance problem…but I know Brody Jenner did and so did Nicole…..perhaps that’s it? Whitney and Bobby too obvious (I’m not sure they “stay away” from anything)…I don’t think Pamela had any problems….

  4. kate and orlando. who guesses kurt and courtney, hello he is dead.
    god this site is lame.

  5. Could you change this now please Janet? There must be a billion blind items out there.

  6. Kate and Pete. But I’m not altogether convinced that you don’t make up these blind items…..

  7. Sienna Miller doesn’t court the publicity- she is known to attack photographers at times. Posh and Becks are not on and off.

  8. Just because you seem camera-shy doesn’t mean you don’t want the attention! It’s definitely Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

  9. The CDC reports that BLACK women have and spread herpes….so the answer oould be any one of them!

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