Other prisoners are supposedly “in awe” of OJ Simpson at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, but he doesn’t ALWAYS get what he wants. Sources say a group of gay prisoners nicknamed “The Girls” cater to the killer and gIve him massages whenever he’s in the mood. Recently OJ filed a request with the warden and asked to be allowed to watch both Monday night football games on TV after lights out “because he still holds the record for most yards gained in a season opener and it’s special to him.” Warden’s response: DENIED.


  1. Why even give this murderer the time of day? Janet you should be ashamed!

  2. Bernie Madoff and Joren Van Der Sloot also have fan clubs in the prisons in which they’re incarcerated. OJ’s level of denial of being imprisoned until he dies is amazing. Same with the other creeps.

  3. Queers massaging this douche haha. Prison is where he should spend the rest of his days.

  4. Would like to think there is a quip for every occasion, but not this time.

    O.J. is the ultimate LOSER, and people who are fans of, or support, him should be ashamed of themselves.

    I agree with Pippa-London. Why give the creep a second’s worth of attention???

  5. The thing that bothers me about OJ is he killed two people and you’d think somewhere deep down in his rotten and diseased soul he act like Robert Blake and just go away. But no, he was out and about when he was free and smiles like he still looking for the real KILLERS, (JOKE).

  6. One word on this fucking monster not getting his spoiled ass way:


  7. Come on guys you know the drill

    Punks like Ojay Mel Gibson Dennis Rodman, etc. your average pimp, hip hop star, b-ball player, you name it.

    Kato was Ofay’s dealer of tweek AND part-time lover Ofay gave he received.

    In a moment of tweeking jealousy he murdered his ex, raging cause he couldn’t control her and tired of paying 25k a month alimony. Oh, and YES she was banging Ron Goldman -had the candles lit and ready for him.

    Notice, Ofay beat every single one of his ladies starting with Maragrite, his first (black) wife.
    Point is, this punk OFAY is where he wants to be, surrounded by men, his boy, etc. and heh- hence the shit eating grin.

  8. the blacks are used to a miserable life in america.
    this is why they contiunue to smile, folks!!

  9. Mel, I like the cut of your jib, by jingo. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. Killer? Whom did he kill? His wife? He killed noone, folks. He mite have done other crappy things, but he’s no murdered, stop foaming ur mouths. Of course, he’s been a scapegoat ever since. Nicole Brown was heavily into drugs – to the point she became addicted. She and her younger bf, RON GOLDMAN was also involved in the whole drug mess. Things began to heaten up and when both her and her lover got out of control, the yakuza got them killed. A scapegoat had to be found and that was her husband… These are things wikipedia and the official mass media sources wont ever tell u. Why would they after all?

  11. XYZ, come on! Really?

    Why are some Americans, lead by a big contigent in the African-American community, so intent on protecting and defending O.J.’s and Michael Jackson’s reputations? It is if those two are the chosen beneficiaries of the payback owed to black America for all it real suffering.

    But why make MJ and OJ the beneficiaries? Neither was a very good role model for Afro-Americas; both wanted to be a part of the white world, and were willing to do anything to get there, and both were deluded psycologically messed up criminals.

    The evidence was all agaist O.J. He was not convicted, but that does not mean he was innocent. Black people get screwed in the legal system all the time, and O.J. was one big instance of the black guy screwing the system. We get it. It stank! Shame!

  12. I swear this is true: I am white and was at Wal-Mart in the TV department when the not guilty verdict was read. Myself and about 7 other white persons were watching, along with approx. 40 blacks. When the verdict was read, guess who screamed with joy and yelled the loudest. Guess who were given the evil eye and sarcastic looks. I’ll never forget it.

  13. XYZ I always knew you were a moron but now you’ve proved it. I bet you think the CIA did 9/11 too and we never landed on the moon right? TAKE YOUR MEDICATION.

  14. Reta, if I didn’t know I thought you were strom. Only a racist ass hole would say something like that. I know alot of blacks who didn’t agree with the verdict and I know alot who did and they are the same people who voted for Obama just because he’s black.

  15. Lenny I too was surprised by that comment. I assumed it was actually someone else – Strom or the Captain.

  16. To XYZ: There is no way to know with certainty the color of your skin, but anyone who truly believes OJ Simpson did not murder Nicole and Ron is truly delusional and blinded by something other than reverse racism. As for racism…of course it exists. Just check out the comments on this site any day of the week. But let’s not mix things up. O.J. Simpson is a murderer. Racism is evil, too.

  17. Hmmm…
    All those prisoners… and not ONE looking to make a name for himself by off’ing the “Juice”?

    Just sayin’…

  18. Indy that is so true. I don’t get what they were cheering for, It’s a well known fact OJ hates his own race. Where is their compassion for the victims?

  19. Fred, race and ethnicity are very complicated issues, and when people are victimized by prejudice their judgement and sense of fairness can be thrown off. The O.J. and Michael Jackson scandals are the big examples of this, but smaller examples occur every day, in offices, on the street, in high schools and junior high schools…and not just with African-Americans in relation to caucasians.

  20. Yes, it’s quite clear that OJ is guilty – and this is coming from a black woman -surprise! (ok, biracial :-))… Sebastian you are correct about race/ethnicity being complicated issues that can affect judgement (on both sides). Reta, your comment is not worthy of a response.

  21. Tracy, that comment of racism was NOT me. I am not a racist, and indeedn as I’ve said before on here, my son is Hispanic and my boyfriend is black. Anybody can type in any name they want and someone did just that with MY name. It’s happened before and the people who have been coming here a long time know better than to believe I would make a racist comment like that. I have NEVER used that word and never will. Allow me to apologise for the asshole who borrowed my name to be a coward of the most offensive kind. Also, MY comment is near the top.

  22. And people in interracial relationships are above racism. Way 2 go, Reta! You’re a worthless asshole who rides black pole.

  23. Apparently Reta is riding everyone’s pole. Hispanic son? what illegal spawned that?

  24. Here comes a couple of small dick wads who need to put in their tiny dicks in a tiny hole of name calling. Reta, didn’t deserve a filthy word coming out of your dirty nasty mouths. Reta, I should have known it’s wasn’t you who made that nasty comment and it’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and no one can see your face or know your real name and make nasty remarks. Those probably the same comments your friends are making about your mother and she probably did it. Check your DNA.

  25. It doesn’t matter what color Orenthal is the man is a sociopath and dumber than a rock. He beat both his wives and his last girlfriend but he always got away with it. What kind of a man, who is built like a tank, beats up a 110 pound woman – a controlling coward. He murdered two people then had the audacity to try and profit from his crime by writing a book. I hope he spends the rest of his life in jail and lives to be 100.

  26. Thanks Lenny, I knew the regulars on here would know that wasn’t me. As for OJ…that fucker…I’d GLADLY pull the switch that drops the gas pellet, or give him the IVs that send him into never land with MJ the child molester.
    It’s funny to me to see how rapidly the racists come raving from the woodwork clacking their dentures together, whipping and snapping and gnashing and ready to gobble up anything in sight in their rabidity. They’d chew their own foot off if they thought it would get them to the lynching tree faster. Too bad, I have to spoil their fun. My boyfriend IS black, and American Indian, and French, and English, and THOSE are just the lines he knows about! He DOES have ONE rather wonderful attribute you racists assholes I’m sure are ravingly envious of with your microscopic penises in hand, or should I say, pinched between you thumb and forefingers. But I’ll leave that for you to figure out, if you can, which I doubt because your brains happen to be tinyer than your members.

  27. Hello JANET.

    Where are your moderators? Dishing and dissing is one thing. This thread about a murdering man has morphed into something racist ridiculous and almost worse of all, dated.

  28. great another multiple helps a bigot cover his/her tracks. lol. this is funny and crazy! regulars my ass.

    janet, it’s time for moderation, hon.

  29. I don’t understand how some of you can put on the same level OJ and MJ (Michael Jackson). The evidence presented in the court against OJ was undeniable. I suppose every court in the world would have sentenced him. To me, he even looks like a murderer. He’s got this undescribable something in his eyes. It’s in his aura. But don’t forget that MJ wasn’t found guilty by a court of law. I remember his words in a BBC documentary when he was asked about offering his bed to a minor friend. He said: of course! Why not offer your bed to a friend. You sleep in my bed, and I’ll sleep on the couch. (This is not a quote, but it went along that line.) The thing is: a true child molester would never say anything like that. I think he (or she as the case might be) would try to keep the story as short as possible and quickly go the the next topic or question, rather than elaborate on it like that.

  30. I don’t care what race OJ is. The man is absolutely guilty. He gave up his right to live the minute he snuffed the life out of Nicole Simpson and Ron Brown. I am a gay man who has had to deal with bigots and low lifes calling me names all my life. So, yes, I can say with experiense that I understand how African Americans wanted to see OJ beat the system. After all..the two he murdered were the enemy in their opinions.

    However, if OJ had been a gay man who killed a hetero couple I’d still say he is guilty and ought to die. Period. A murderer is a murderer. Race, gender, sexuality is irrelevent. I watched the entire trial from begining to end. I knew he would get off because of several things. ( a. ) he had the money to buy the best team of attorneys in LA and,( b.) Judge Ito was so star struck and impressed with his sudden rise to his 15 minutes of fame that he presided over the biggest travesty of justice in the 20th century. I could not believe ( neither could one of my friends who was a judge ) that he actually railroaded the case into acquittal. Judge ITO should be ashamed of his behavior and this case is an irrevocable dirty stain on his career.


    ps biggots are not worth responding to…their heads are lodged so far up their asses they’ll never see the light anyway…so why bother?

  31. don’t matter what racist whitey thinks or believes! eventually, the usa will be ruled by the mexicans! we are taking our land back little by little.. we will soon be the biggest minority group in the usa and we will flex our political muscle and whitey will soon be the minority!

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