At last. Double murderer OJ Simpson has finally lost the one thing he always thought he could count on – HIS LOOKS! Prison life has fattened him up and aged the once incredibly handsome movie star face and if anyone ever didn’t deserve to be good-looking it’s HIM. Another few years and we won’t recognize OJ…



  1. He looks hideous, he is hideous. I’ve never considered him to be even remotely good looking. The ugliness in him is now very obvious on the outside to most people now.

  2. no, I have never thought of him as good-looking, sorry.

  3. The Kardashians should send him a thank you note because if he didn’t torture and kill Nicole and Ron nobody would of ever heard of the whores. Kris exploited gentle Nicole’s tragic life. Who’s worse?

  4. this is very normal with americans: FAT FOOD & REJECT SPORTS!!

  5. He has the face he deserves. The real OJ finally.

  6. Maybe he has some home movies of his sex sessions with Kris? Still call for a test to determine Khloe’s father.

  7. Maybe he had to get bigger, beefier, and darker skinned to deal with other inmates. He’s right where he deserves to be…he’s a wife abuser and murderer.

  8. Hes a disgusting piece of human garbage. I hope he lives a LONG life in prison. He is where he belongs.

  9. It’s kind of hard not to notice his gopher cheeks. Too many BJ’s OJ?

  10. Wonder if he has been seduced by any of his inmate pals, or if he is the seducer.

    His kid, Sydney Simpson, and Khloe Kardashian both look remarkably alike, both have large facial features, olive complexion, tall, and big-boned. There definitely is something to this rumor, as everyone knows Kris K. has no morals whatsoever and is d**k crazy.

  11. Prison has done OJ a world of good – he’s filled out nicely, and has a suntan.

  12. The hair dresser is her father. It’s obvious. Pimp spread her legs for this murdering POS though. Nicole’s “friend” my ass!

  13. hope he has a 11″ diameter asshole by now….or someone would slit HIS throat…. gang rape him then kill him…. better late than never.

  14. I used to think he was really handsome, and when he and Nicole Brown Simpson were photographed together, they looked perfect. Little did I know what terror she was in. It didn’t take me long to believe he was guiltier than sin, though. It’s a travesty that the jury voted not-guilty and he got to walk. At least he’s behind bars now, and hopefully he will die there.

  15. Nicole was very happy to spread her legs for BLACK OJ, and see where it got her. Kris was also very happy to spread her legs for BLACK OJ and see that the entire family has gone crazy over BLACKS now. How much trash can go on?

  16. I hope the murderer does not get a new trial. He is guilty of the armed robbery.

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