Madonna fans spending $350 per ticket are in for a big jolt if her concert tour is anywhere near as disappointing as her final dress rehearsal � free for friends and family Saturday night at the Forum. “It went over like a lead balloon.” said an observer. “Her first appearance climbing out of a huge disco ball in Gaultier’s riding oufit was promising, but horses and disco make no sense! She skipped most of her popular songs and sang new ones � and they’re not that memorable.” The audience wasn’t happy and when she tried to get everyone to sing along there was dead silence. “What’s WRONG with you people?” she demanded of her listless observers.”Next time I’m gonna CHARGE you!” The crowd wasn’t impressed by her few uninspired costume changes she had a falling out with Jean-Paul Gaultier and they parted ways so she switched costumers early on. Since she wore mostly the same blah lavender leotards we’ve already seen too much of, it looked like Capezio picked up where Gaultier left off. Who ever heard of BORING COSTUMES at a Madonna show?
To be fair, she got a few big laughs when the red kaballah bracelets she and her dancers wore showed up on the huge video screens. During a crucifix scene someone whispered ” Marilyn Manson did that in 1997.” Madonna’s political moments, lack of eye candy, a depressing kids with AIDS video, and dreary song choices brought the crowd DOWN. It wasn’t the fresh, naughty Madonna we live for. Even her celebrity friends left early – Macy Gray and Kevin Richardson sneaked out before the end, and Demi Moore slipped out before the lackluster finale with Guy Oseary. On the way out, Oseary shook his head and whispered to a pal “Totally FLAT!” And everyobdy within earshot agreed.


  1. i don’t care what none of ya all say
    she is so ten years ago and full of herself. but like barbara, the old and queens will follow her anywhere

  2. I LOVE Madonna, but this concert was one of her worst concerts. She sang “some” of her old tunes to her “new” beat of the latest album. No one was dancing in their seats, but rather standing waiting to dance. I hear she has to tell each crowd to dance and get up because their not.

  3. I say that it’s about time that the world began to realize that Madonna is NOTHING. She was NEVER more than marginally talented. She made a career out of shock value. She isn’t attractive, she isn’t a great singer, she isn’t a great songwriter, and she isn’t creative. She’s just another huge ego that was manufactured and marketed to the children of the rebellious “we’re not going to take it” 80’s children and she is WAY over. She is making a fool of herself and the fact that she lacks the self-control or maturity to keep herself from berating her unresponsive audiences proves that the jig is finally up. What kind of moron would pay over $300 to see her anyway? NO SINGLE-ARTST SHOW is worth that kind of money. But that is especially true of hers. She is uneducated, immature, rude, self-absorbed, pretentious, emotionally-imbalanced, petty and selfish. I can’t stand her and I’ll be completely delighted when she finally drops completely off of the entertainment radar.

  4. This is totally untrue. Madonna’s concert was incredible and everyone that I have talked to has said the same thing. She is a great performer and EVERYONE was up and dancing at the concert I saw. She is really something and I can only hope that I look that good at her age.

  5. Madonna is desperately trying to hang on to her fame. She can’t do anything too outrageous anymore now that her children are growing up, especially Lourdes. She has already questioned her mother as to why she did certain things and it isn’t the end of it. I see serious issues ahead for Lourdes and her mom when she gets older and starts to delve into her mother’s past activities. She has the role of her life coming up–trying to explain to her daughter why she did the things she did. She is going to have a hell of a time trying to counsel her daughter to be good. Lourdes will throw all that stuff in her face!

  6. Why doesn’t she hold all her concerts in England because all she has been doing since living there is dissing the U.S. Oh, that’s right!! she makes her money here!! Ingrate! Add to it the phony Enlgish accent. Hello, just because you wish you were royalty, doesn’t make it true even with all your money. Where she came from she didn’t even know what a horse was.
    She is over the hill and never had any talent or looks or body. She should be giving free concerts. She looks positively painfully exercised and stretched into her flat younger looking for her age body. Say goodnight, Madonna. Stupid name too!!

  7. Madonna lost me as a fan when she begin using that fake British accent…
    Come back to us Britney and Janet!

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