Even an A-list celebrity like Robert DeNiro can’t go EVERYWHERE. He was denied access to visit his friend Tom Sizemore (serving time for drug charges) at the LA County Jail. Two weeks ago Bob stood in two long visitor lines at the high profile section of the jail and at the end of the second line he expected to get a pass. Instead he was told that Tom couldn’t have visitors – he got into a fight with another inmate and was in lockdown until September 1. Exasperated, Bob did his best DeNiro imitation and asked “Can’t you make an exception?” The guard couldn’t.

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  1. I’m so sick of “celebrities” expecting exceptions be made for them. They put their pants on one leg at a time, the same as the rest of us. They’re the same as the rest of us except for the fact that they make outrageous salaries for a little work and they have “people” to take care of them and keep their names in the news. Enough already!

  2. Deniro doesn’t need to do a “Deniro impression.”
    Besides, I’ve met the guy in NYC and he is very nice, very down to earth. He probably understood the circumstances and then left the building.

  3. Good to see that he’s sticking by his friend. I think that’s gr8.
    Sometimes when i hear that two celebs are friends i think it’s for superficial reasons.

  4. I love ROBERT DE NIRO. Rules are rules and when someone is on lock down they are on lock down. but I love Robert De Niro, anyone else asking for special privileges would have upset me, but this is one of the great hollywood men.

  5. Ha! I guess DeNiro doesn’t grease the palms like the Hiltons do.
    I hate to even put those two last names in the same sentence. Please forgive me, Bob!

  6. DeNiro showed himself to be a class act, mostly for standing up for Sizemore who is a horse’s ass.

  7. Why does that make him a class act? That guy Sizemore’s been given more chances than he deserves, same with Robert Downey Jr. They’re both not that good and there are tons of more talented hot young actors for their roles.

  8. Robert De Niro’s such a likable guy. He’s HOT. He’s is even HOTTER because he is not arrogant.

  9. 6:41am
    I agree with you on Tom Sizemore but I don’t know how you can say RD Jr. can’t act.( I am assuming that is what you mean when you say he is not that good).
    Did you never see Chaplin ?

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