Photos: Beyonce
Beyonce and Jay-Z are introducing their little girl Blue Ivy, 2, to some culture at The Louvre in Paris. The famous family frolicked through the museum (looks like a private tour) and documented the experience with photos of many famous works of art. Beyonce posted the pix on her website. Jay-Z looks like he’s lost a bit of weight and we love the statue who looks like he’s taking a selfie.



  1. Who would have thought a street level drug dealer and thug would someday visit the Louvre?

    Only in America.

  2. mark my words: this family will be forgotten in years, if not months!!

  3. I couldn’t like a family less than this one. I should say a couple and leave BI out of it. Stunt queens of all stunt queens. It’s all about that money. everything they do makes me sick. Such narcissists.

  4. Very sweet of them to take their daughter on this tour! They seem to be more conscientious parents than Kimye and they dress their toddler more appropriately too.

  5. Beyonce gets whiter & whiter! Even her stupid wigs are white looking! Idiots.

  6. That idiot was walking around Paris in what looked to be 6″ heels. Hope she gets bunions! And I’d say that the treasures in the Louvre are pretty much lost on a two-year-old. Might’ve made more sense to wait a few years, but what else can you expect from these fools?

  7. This is yet another incident proving how stupid these two are. The kid doesn’t know where she is and a trip to DisneyLand would be much more appropriate. Even then, at age 2, a couple of hours at DL and she would be pooped. The richer they get, the dumber they get.

  8. With that damn hat, and wearing it inside, he looks only like a thug. And he is.

  9. This couple is just a couple of pretentious try hards.

    I hope the kid rebels when it’s older and doesn’t follow in her corny parents footsteps.

  10. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear..

    Be unable to turn something ugly or inferior into something attractive or of value, as in No matter how expensive his or her clothes, they still look sloppy—you aren’t rich, we are, been here done that, what else is on the I am well rounded and cultured list manager .. can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. This expression was already a proverb in the mid-1500s.

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