Nicole Kidman brought her family along when she visited Hollywood to promote her new movie “The Railway Man.” She also attended her friend L’Wren Scott’s funeral. She’s walking through LAX with her husband Keith Urban and their two daughters – Nicole is carrying Faith, 3, and Sunday, 6, is by her side. On the Jimmy Kimmel show Nicole inadvertently referred to her Sunday as her “oldest daughter.” Actually Bella Cruise is her oldest daughter. Little Faith looks like her mom and Sunday looks like her daddy. (Nicole is unusually plain in the trailer for her movie above)

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  1. her two older children have gone to the dark side and she knows it.

  2. Nicole does not acknowledge the children she adopted with Cruise as ‘her own’. I seriously question whether she gave birth to Faith, 3, and Sunday, 6,as she never appeared to be pregnant.

  3. she just cares for gossip reporters………..HO CHEAP IS THIS?

  4. Holy Batman and Robin: What the hell happened to her hair?

  5. I loved it when someone referred to Sunday Rose as “the Sunday Roast.” LOL!

  6. She never acknowledges Cruise’s kids. I thought her sister gave birth to Sunday Roast, who wasn’t even born on a Sunday. Dumb.

  7. Her 2 oldest kids were stolen from her by her controlling ex, Tom Cruise with the help of the “Church” of Scientology. The kids were brainwashed to hate and reject her. They are adults now and can choose to reconnect with her or not.

    After a certain point, what was she supposed to do? She needed to be able to get on with her own life. A horrible situation for any parent to have their relationship severed by a hostile, controlling ex. No winners, just victims.

    I am happy to see she got a second chance at motherhood with a loving partner.

    Tom Cruise is evil and despicable. I boycott all of his movies and ridicule him at any chance.

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