Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban walked through LAX with a minimum of fuss, holding their sleepy and well-behaved little girls. Sunday, with the braids, turns 3 on July 4, and her little sister Faith is 5 months old. Nicole, 43, gave birth to Sunday, but Faith was born by “gestational carrier.” That is the term used when it is both parents’ biological child carried by a third person – a “surrogate” can have different parents.

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  1. Those little girls are just beautiful. The oldest looks just like daddy Keith. Urban has a reputation for being likable and always there for any charity concert.

    Kidman doesn’t seem very motherly to me although I hope she is. In my opinion, I think both children were born via “gestational carrier. Not that it’
    s a big deal but I don’t believe she was ever pregnant.

  2. Who wouldn’t notice those beautiful girls. And Keith’s not bad either.

  3. Why do you think the cruisemeister divorced her?

  4. I think her contract with him was up, OR she could’nt reconcile with his evil Scientology beliefs, and left, or he divorced her for her opposition to joining the cult.

  5. still thankful for avoiding tom cruise’s life.

  6. I am convinced Kidman did not give birth to Sunday roast. She never looked pregnant in any of the photos taken during that time. She is not fertile. Rumours are also circulating about her Country Music Man cheating on her and using drugs again.

  7. What a beautiful and normal looking little family. I wish them the best and the babies look so pretty in their white dresses. I think Nicole treasures them with all her heart and appreciates having them. I think she may have been sad somewhat for not being able to carry the second one, but who knows what the reason was? There are many reasons a woman is given not to carry a baby, but her eggs can still be retrieved. I’ll bet she retrieved them way back at the beginning of meeting him, or maybe even when she was still single. No one will ever know. I just hope both children are healthy and happy as they seem to be so far and have a mommy and daddy there for them with love and support when they need them. In other words: a normal family life which is the best thing you can ever hope to have.

  8. Lugging sleepy little potato’s. I miss that. A lot.

  9. I wonder if Nicole has much contact with the children she adopted with Tom Cruise?

  10. Natalie, I read that she has little contact with the two adopted kids, as they are full-on into Scientology, and Nicole, of course, is not. So, since tiny Tom Hitler is the master in command here, I guess what I read is true.

  11. Patrick, I too am having withdrawals looking at this picture. I can easily recall my boys being this young, and different ages, but now that they tower over me and talk in deep man voices, it kind of freaks me out. My babies are gone for good I guess. But, boy were they cute little darlings!

  12. Reta, that is so touching. BTW, I hope you are healing up nicely.

  13. Walt,

    Kidman was definitely pregnant with Sunday Rose. Look at this pic and tell me she didn’t look preggers:

    She carried that child. The 2nd one she did not.

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