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Nick Cannon isn’t often let out of the house alone, so it figures that he’s using the time to shop for Christmas gifts for his wife Mariah Carey. He browsed around Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills with a male friend but he was always on the phone to you-know-who. He was asking a lot of questions to make sure he selected all the RIGHT things.

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  1. He knew he ws hitching up with a mega-rich diva. If he truly adores this lifestyle, then Mariah is one lucky gal.

  2. Is he pretty tiny? Cause his hand looks like a woman’s hand!!! And his face looks small and not very masculine.

  3. I can see him getting sick of this shtick very soon. Doesn’t seem like a marriage that will go the distance. Hope they both prove me wrong.

  4. Nick reminds me of Mark Consuelos, the husband of Kelly Ripa. He is totally dependent on her huge huge salary. And yet, Kelly is always afraid he will cheat. So hilarious. And, back to Nick Cannon – who knows if he will ever get tired of being a kept man. Only the future will decide.

  5. think what you want but I think Nick knew what he was getting into and I think he doesn’t mind. I also think he’s more independent than we all think. Mimi demands compliance from everyone around her not just him. she’s te star and would never get along with someone who wasn’t submissive to her

  6. You all are so off base its not even funny. If Nick was a “kept” man why is it he’s got a radio morning show premiering in January , he’s Chairman of Teen Nick, has a movie coming out in February, several MTV shows, hosting America’s Got Talent and a myriad of other things.

    Also who’s to say he was on the phone to Mariah. Funny folks saying they won’t go the distance & they’re heading into 2 years of marriage when folks said they wouldn’t last 3 mos. Folks know so little about Nick and instead of wanting to know the TRUTH they’ll listen to wack gossip like the above.

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