We couldn’t pass up this bit of nostalgic news. 87 year old Doris Day has just released her first album in 17 years called “My Heart.” Good for HER! It’s a personal collection of songs that reflect her love for her late son Terry Melcher and her animals. Music producer/songwriter Terry produced several of the songs before he died in 2004. Doris was a huge boxoffice star in the 1960’s, but when her husband Marty Melcher died in 1968, she discovered that he had squandered all her money and left her deeply in debt. No wonder she prefers animals. Sony released this recent photo of Doris with her dog Duffy to promote the album.

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  1. Such a lovely woman. Class act. The Academy should award her a special recognition before she is no longer with us.

    A gracious, intelligent woman from a bygone era.

    Now we have the likes of Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Jersey Shores, CoCo, Lohan, Zarin and Company. They would all have much to learn from Doris Day.

  2. My puppy looks like that, but a brownie.
    Being a part time D.J. I have always used her music when the crowd is specific. It always works very well.
    WE have nothing of this class in our modern vernacular.
    It is tragic what we have become.
    Que Sera.

  3. Her husband Marty Melcher adopted Doris’s son Terry. Back in the day Doris was a true sweetheart who starred with Rock Hudson, and James Garner in a number of films. For all the money that Doris was making in films and music,her husband Marty didn’t even allow her to buy a painting. When he died she found out that she was Millions of dollars in debt, first she was heartbroken, then she got mad, and she ended up suing and reached a respectable judgement through Melcher’s business partner who was still alive and kicking and totally unprepared for the agressiveness of Doris getting some of her money back. Doris did Not cry the blues when she found out that she was penniless, instead she did something that was unheard of other than with a few other stars including Barbara Stanwyke of The Big Valley.
    Doris went to work on television, and became an instant hit. She has a love of animals, pretty much in the reminder of Betty White and Bob Barker.
    Thanks for the update on Doris Day. The mean spirited tabloids are always inventing stories about Doris,and I admire the fact that she does Not give the ragmags the “Time of Day (pun intended)!!

  4. What a pleasant surprise to see a photo and current information about the beloved Doris Day. She still looks amazingly beautiful. There’s many things about this lady that I truly love….her voice, laugh,love of family, love of animals, comedic talent..etc. She actually looked even more pretty as she aged.

    What an adorable fur baby (They are fur babies no matter their age.)

    How about an update on the very ill Annette Funicello….Carol Lynley…Barbara Parkins….Ruth Buzzi…..Ruta Lee…..whatever happened to that perv actor James Stacy (he lost an arm & leg in a motorcycle accident)??? ……Tim Conway….Kim Novak……Pat Crowley

  5. She’s a trooper & classy woman that some of younger Hollywood could use a role model. Those were different days back then when they considered actors to have talent. Oh well, che sara, sara.

  6. @ Walt:
    Wonderful Wednesday!!
    Not feeling any good vibrations under my feet today,
    and No shaking of my office chair, and No shaking of the walls at “my castle”.

    Plan on keeping Janet busy? LOL!!
    I remember all of the stars who’s Names you mentioned, a totally different bred of celebrities who were known for their work and entertaining. Fine examples of going to work, and going home, and when they did come out for a premiere or party,they dressed the part. There is a lot that the
    above mentioned stars could teach these younger airheads who like to drink and drive.
    This “fur baby” looks a lot better than that “quilted rodent” that was posted a few days ago. Holy Toothbrush!! I hope Max’s beautician threw that germ infected “fur brush” away. Ain’t that much love in the world to put that toothbrush back in the holder, for some unsuspecting resident to end up with mangy hair between the teeth!!

  7. I always loved Doris Day movies. Still do. A sexy beautiful classy real woman. And she loved animals to boot. What’s not to like?

  8. Hey Leo, glad to hear all is well with you and by the way, thanks for the background info. So sad that anyone would take advantage of an obviously lovely person. Shame on him. Oh well, the truly beautiful people ALWAYS win in the end.

    Seems she must be trying to leave some sort of inheritance or maybe pay off some debts. Leo, does she have any grandchildren?

  9. @ Muffin:
    Always glad to touch base with you!!

    It is my understanding that Terry was Doris’ only child. When Terry passed away a few years ago, he was survived by a wife and young son Named Ryan( who is Doris’ only grandchild)!

  10. She stepped up and worked off the debts when the easy course was to go bankrupt. The airheads of today would take the easy way out. Doris’s time is past but she had her moments.

  11. Hey Leo, first an earthquake and now I see you have a bit of wind and rain movin north your way.
    All of the Irene’s i’ve known have been real bitches.

  12. Casonia logenberry..Hells kitchen Chef Gordon Ramsay seems meaner then ever and of course him having to give up Sarah? Meaning he has cheated on his wife for 7 years and forced to go straight to just one woman has to be frustrating to give up extra sex ha says:

    Doris Day the lucky woman who made movies with Rock Hudson who was handsome and hot and of course gay down the road but she is sweet and kind and a hell of a singer and..I do miss her and love to hear her sing again and she has a lovely little white dog in her arms.

  13. @ Patrick:
    What’s in the snack pack for today??

    Thank you for your (concerned) response!!
    I believe that, every once in a while, a major catastrophe happens to get our attention, and make us more human
    when it come to being concerned about others.

    It is my understanding that The Earthquake Survivors in other parts of the country are shaking their heads at our reaction to that Earth shaking surprise of yesterday. Could you imagine walking pass a building and bricks fall down on your head? No it didn’t happen to anyone I know, but I did see a lot of the aftermath where people were fortunate to be out of harms way!!

  14. Wow, she still looks great. Always such a lovely person and a great animal lover-you can’t beat that!

  15. @ Kitty:

    Doris Day has been admired for years as one of America’s Sweethearts.
    @ Walt:
    Please say it ain’t so!!
    The rumors are spreading fast and furious that Marc Anthony cheated on Cleopatra with Jada Pinkett Smith??

  16. Hey Leo,

    Just got back from another funeral. I’m having one of those weeks. That’s four in less than two weeks. Just so sad.

    I don’t believe that Marc Anthony cheated with Jada. It sounds more like Jada would cheat with Cleopatra. LOL !!! Marc seems to go for the glam more prissy type women.

    I suspect these breakups are the work of our dear Reta. She is up to mischief or either Patrick has hidden the body. (just kidding) 🙂

  17. Since the recent earthquake was mentioned:

    Speaking of the return of Christ (Rapture)

    Gospel of Matthew: Chapter 24, verse 7….”there will be earthquakes in diverse (unusual) places.

  18. I did not hear the Jada/Marc Anthony rumor. Why would she trade in her big strapping husband for that little guy?

  19. @Denise,

    Maybe she was looking for someone more feminine. ???? Bad Walt ….Bad Bad Walt.

  20. “…..Rock Hudson who was handsome and hot and of course gay down the road …”

    The talented Hudson was gay when he was making the movies with the beautiful Doris Day. Heck, he was gay before he ever made any Hollywood movie.

  21. Casonia Logenberry..Fear and Frighten of Hells kitchen but on the other hand people break down and lose there minds on that show. Jennifer really strong and very lucky girl..She got to work with!The King of Cook!Lucky Girl.Keep up the good work! says:

    People still love Doris Day and some one will buy it? Meaning die hard fans and she is mellow and her music is smooth and relaxing and calm. But she is going to do what she wants to do and she has all this music in her heart and soul and she wants the world to hear it!

  22. Toot !!! Toot !!! All aboard!!! Whoa, smells like cabbage today.

  23. @ Walt:
    Give all your furry friends a hug. It is my understanding that pets help you to live longer. It just might be true.
    Having an array of pets is just as valuable as owning an island.
    Was I finished???
    Doris Day and The Godfather (Marlon Brando) were both born on the same day in 1924. Marlon owned an island, and Doris love pets. Doris is still among us getting ready to release a new album. “The Godfather” will be well remembered through his hit movies “The Wild One” and “A Streetcar Named Desire”. Betty White and Bob Barker are on that list of pet lovers and those friends with paws seem to keep their owners young and happy. Can I get a Witness??

  24. @Hey Leo

    I think I will give’em a hug. I sometimes carry the kid’s pup (baby English Bulldog) in a baby pouch around my neck when I am on the computer. Of course, the fur baby goes home tomorrow. (insert wailing and heavy sobbing).

    Marlon Brando was without a question a fine actor and an interesting person. However, I can’t help snickering to myself when I think of him and his dear friend & actor hugged up together. Such a seemingly odd pairing. I could see Brando and Montgomery Cliff or Brando & James Dean but not Wally Cox. 🙂

  25. @ Walt:
    I can’t imagine Wally either, unless he was really a Man’s man. Rita Morena who has won every major award in the industry had a big thing for Brando back in the day. He was more of the love em and leave em type.

    And now words from the “stolen” files!!
    Bank on it!!
    Guy walks into the bank and hands the teller a Note.
    The Note says, give me all of your money or you will become a part of “Geography”.
    The teller laughed, and said, I think you meant “history”.
    The robber said, “Look D@amn it, don’t go changing the “SUBJECT”!!

  26. @Leo

    LOL!!!! 🙂

    Yes, Marlon loved them and left them of all shapes, sizes, ages, and sexes. He was exactly what your mother warned you about. God knows he was an incredibly talent actor but clearly unhinged in so many aspects of his life.

    Remember Wally Cox (married 3 times & died at 48) in the cartoon “Underdog”?

    “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!”

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  28. Can someone please tell me if Doris Day has reconciled with her only grandson Ryan Melcher? Doris refused to see or speak with Ryan since he was 12 or 13 because his divorcing parents were involved with a property dispute in Mass. This is so tragic, and Ryan has publicly asked her for a reconciliation. I would love to know if they are close again. Many thanks for an update!

  29. She is still so beautiful; just look at her glowing skin. I have loved watching her movies and listening to her sing all my life. My mother used to dance around the house singing, and I do that, too. I was singing the song “Anyway the Wind Blows” this morning to get my son awake. I watched “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” last night, and still love it. I imagine anyone who got to work with her was probably awed by her talent.

  30. We visited Bill and Helen in Okeene Oklahoma last summer, I have always loved anything Doris Day did and was surprised to see pictures of her at there house .They said she visited them often ATTENTION:I have been trying to contact her or her secretary Mary to let her Know Bill passed Last Night. His nephew Jessie called us to let us know his # is 714-904-6927 and there niece asked if we had Mary’s phone number. Helen is in a nursing home on Okeene,Ok#580-822-4441

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