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It looks like Mischa Barton is STARTING OVER with a new look. She walked into the Beverly Hills’ Byron & Tracey Salon a brunette with long hair extensions, and walked out a blonde with long extensions. And she’s got CLEAVAGE – which is unusual for her. Her two dogs waited patiently in the shop for HOURS while she was transformed. Most likely, she’s got the new look for her drama “Upstate” with Chace Crawford, which is currently in production.

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  1. What is it about this chick, the name, Mischa that compels people to pay attention to her. She is another no talent hack.

    I’ll baptize her ‘Cankles’ She goes out and stays in the news by having photos of her taken after she calls the paps that she is going out. She needs to go away. Maybe go to Harvard or Princeton and come back with a new attitude. Blech!

  2. She does not have cankles. Her ankles are slim. But her legs have no shape. She looks like she doesn’t exercise at all. The dress is not flattering. She shouldn’t wear short dresses when she doesn’t have shapely legs to go with them.

  3. She should go with the butch look, and get it over and out with once and for all.

  4. First, did she get her boobs jacked? Secondly, she’s had a real problem with her weight in the past.

  5. There is nothing wrong with her body now…but she needs to dress for her shape.

    That dress does her no good at all…

  6. Barton is pear-shaped and looks like a 40-plus matron. She has two choices: liposuction or obscurity.

  7. Dumb question; what are cankles? C-something ankles, but I’m not figuring out what the “C” is.

  8. Cankles are when there is no differention between the calve and the ankle. There is an old saying the the ankles make the woman – a well defined ankle is the sexiest thing on public display. Cankles are to women what balding is to men – there is really no way to fix it, one has to accept the curse.

  9. excuse me.

    ……………….cheap for sure!!

  10. She has the ugliest FAT legs I’ve every seen…SO GROSS. And she has zero talent!

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