Interesting photo of Mischa Barton, 29, and Dustin’s cute son Jake Hoffman, 34, in New York. Are they more than just friends? Dog walking often indicates a budding relationship. Mischa could certainly do worse – she used to date Brandon Davis! You may remember, Jake played shoe designer Steve Madden in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Mischa has financial problems – she’s currently suing her mother for pilfering her money while acting as her “manager.”

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Oh, how I LOVE LOVE those cage sandals! How I wish I could find a pair in size 13EE. Anyone have shopping tips?

  2. Isn’t Mischa, like little Bob, known for having control problems, which is why she is known as Mischa Fartin?

  3. Please write another bestseller, perhaps about what, cookbook, memoir of war exploits, climbing Everest, rafting the Amazon. You name it, you write it. Perhaps, in reality, all you can write is repetitive crap and bad checks.

  4. Dog walking only indicates that you have a buffer zone between you and the other person. So far, it doesn’t look like anything or anyone is getting close to anything.

  5. Poor Angelo and the other imposters….so jealous of Strom and so dumbo! Get back to your call center corner and lurk!

  6. hey dumbass, were not imposters it’s an ‘homage” ( that’s a french word, from France) , we all wan’t to be just like you Stromo, you know .. adored, respected, just, and honest , …. oh oh … maybe we should re-think our premise …

  7. your knarly lesbian, race traitoring call centered, analy obsessed island dwelling lurkers

  8. poor little imposters paying homage to Strom. It is not necessary or even welcome, just go and do the best you can, no matter how pathetic.

  9. Did Mom steal so much money that Mischa can’t afford to touch up those nasty dark roots?

  10. Isn’t Mischa, like Angelo, known for having control problems, which is why she is known as Mischa Fartin?

  11. hey Stromeo, I think they were being facetious about the “homage ” thing, sorry

  12. Poor bitter Erica…..so worried about the fame and success of Strom! So jealous of the 1%!

  13. Mr/Mrs. Strom, when you say 1%, you’re talking about your IQ right ?

  14. Poor little Toronto gay couple…..so worried about Strom and his fame and success!

  15. Looks like the peeps are making good on my suggestion to go right at ya!
    How are ya liking that fat girl?
    Missing your loser black boyfriend in the trailer park?
    Batshit crazy FAT degenerate loser we all laugh at you.

  16. Poor Pied Piper, so bitter, and so worried about Strom! Maybe a cup of organic spinach would improve your mood.

  17. I absolutely ADORE Mischa’s cage sandals!
    I need them in a 13EE, just like Gina my cousin.
    We share clothes!

  18. Looks like the “Piper” is busy piping up the Canadians in the JCH worldwide audience.

    There is a pale of bitterness and jealousy that the little impersonators are attempting to cast over Strom simply because of his success and his lack of fawning over their uneducated comments that promote the gay agenda.

  19. Bitterness and jealousy?
    Gay agenda?
    Get your brain checked, nutsy.

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