Now the “Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger KNOWS she has really made it BIG! How many people have the beautiful Scarlett Johansson doing a parody of them on Saturday Night Live? It’s the HIGHEST compliment! Patti must be thrilled! We think Scarlett did an admirable job and the supporting players were quite on target also. If you missed it, take a first look.


  1. A case of the gross mocking the gross.

    Once SNL lost Poehler and Fey, it went to hell in a handbasket. Poor Kristen Wiig — she must be counting down the seconds until her contract is up.

  2. Embarrassing. Awkward. Painfully UNfunny.

    Yep. I’d say that about covers it.

    As a viewer going all back to episode 1-A/1975, I just wish they’d quit beating that long-dead horse.

  3. Yo, Reta, I just thought of you and wondered if you were really serious about leaving. I for one wouldn’t mind hearing from you and will read it all, the good, bad, and ugly.

  4. Handbasket, I agree. Time plays tricks on one’s mind. The early days of the first incarnation of SNL were pretty painful — there was some funny stuff, but also some very VERY unfunny stuff. By the late seventies the players hit their stride, and had produced some classic comedy, but they did not start out hitting home runs.

  5. Lenny, the best I remember is that about 3 weeks ago she said she would no longer write or read. And I think it’s because the words faggot, gaydar, etc. were used about ones that have been proven gay (just not out of the closet yet). Also, she did not like an occasional religious discussion. I never understood why she was so uptight, after all, this is just cyber-jibberjabber.

  6. Reta took some things too seriously, and then some trolls jumped all over her, started harassing her, and that was the end, she quit. I think the harassment is par for the course, and one just have to give it back. Anyway, most trolls disappear pretty quickly if you stand up to them.

  7. Thought for absolute certain we were gonna hear “The penis does the picking.” With arm gestures of course !

  8. I hate this thing with reality shows where some of the people in it must look like goofy cartoon superheroes. I think it started with Dog the Bounty Hunter, and now it is everywhere. Look at those two stooges with Patti. No one running a dating agency for millionaires would hire people who look like five year olds trying to imitate something they saw in an old music video. Hell, even cleaned up, those two are fat and gross and wouldn’t get passed the screening job interview. Same thing with Gordon Ramsey’s Restaurant Makeover.

    Gordon goes on about this or that being wrong with the restaurant, and is not reticent about abusing people for how they look, but he never says what he should: Fat Fuglies should not be dealing with the customers!!!

  9. Patty Spangler makes herself a very easy target. But Scarlett did not do Patty proud. That wasn’t a very good impersonation of her; but the writing was OK.

    SNL needs to raise its game. So does the beautiful (talented?) Scarlett Johansson. What’s she been good in, besides Lost in Translation, and Bill Murrey made that movie happen–nothing else.

  10. Patti kills me!!!! She’s a Mrs. Potato Head in Heels. She wears these clothes that are not suitable for her age and the fatness around her neck, face, chest, stomach. She got nerve to demanding when she looks so subpar on tv.

    Her ny show was so lame. She’s yelling at the pretty girl to get pretty girls for her mixer dates. NY girls want to go on a date and find a man not made a fool on tv. She killed me when she made the gay put on make up so he could see how much of a bad attitude he had when he should have told her to have a seat herself.

  11. Rita is cool people. I love her passion but we can all agree to disagree.

  12. Hello-you are right about Patti Stanger. She has the nerve to tell others how to captures a husband/wife, but she’s pretty long in the tooth to still be unmarried. She was engaged forever and recently split from him and then lost some weight after being fat for a long time. She’s still pretty bad around the middle and needs a face and personality transplant. She only wishes she had Scarlet’s face and body!!! Never happen. And those two boiled trolls she employs need burlap bags over their whole bodies!

  13. Hello, I agree. I like the scraps and agreements. There have been some very interesting and long discussions on this site. And Reta was a part of them.

  14. OMG! I loved this clip! I thought that Scarlett did a GREAT job as Patti….I watch the show a lot ( Millionaire ) and honest to god, Scarlett nailed it, in a very funny way. I guess I am the only one here who thought it was a riot, but I LOVED it when she’d say SHADDUP!

  15. I’ve watched the show in the past, and Patti used to have attractive assistants. Who in God’s name are these people? And is that a pink roller in her hair?

  16. sebastincanada, you are/were apart of the whole trolling parade, so you could have the roost, here, all for yourself. i have been on this site since almost the beginning, and i know what i am talking about.

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