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Miley Cyrus is more than ready to walk away from Hannah Montana gracefully, so she wants her little sister Noah to take her place on the popular show. Since Miley turned 16 and acquired her hot older boyfriend Justin Gaston, she’s been wanting to play more adult roles. Her dad Billy Ray saw it coming, and he’s been grooming Noah to take over the role. It seems to be agreed that this will be Miley’s last season on the show. Fortunately, Noah has talent and she’s already auditioned for Disney people.

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  1. congrats,
    single motherhood costs taxpayers about $112 billion every year,

  2. You are now paying for illegals healthcare through SCHIP.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I would not want my mom wearing painted on jeans!

  4. She should learn from other child stars in the past that left their shows thinking they were too good or too popular only to find no one else wanted them.

  5. Every time I look at Miley and those horse teeth, I have to think that an Osmond was somehow in the mix.

  6. Yep, daddy will have an Achy Breaky Heart unless he has another kid to keep him in the mansion and all the luxuries that Miley bought. I wish Noah would tell them all to f**k off and hell no she’s not working these grueling Disney schedules.

  7. Maybe that’s a good idea. Give Miley the opportunity to be a “normal” teenager or as normal can be in her situation. Granted that she lives a different lifestyle than the average person and that she’s been a little adult for a long time, giving her a break may help to keep her grounded. As for her boyfriend, 20 is too old for her. It’s up to her parents, but it wouldn’t fly in my house.

  8. The best part is they will both be the next Anna Nicoles taking methadone during their pregnancies.

  9. Here’s a novel idea: Let Miley take a break from her grueling schedule. Let Noah just be a kid and enjoy kid stuff….And.. LET THE PARENTS GET JOBS.


  11. I’m with you Choppy Waters. It’s sad that the one-hit-wonder could only find his way off the Island of Lost Bands by exploiting his daughter and now it seems he’s going to do it again. He makes the Lohan and Simpson parents look good.

  12. Janet why do you keep promoting this Disney corporate garbage?

  13. Noah has the funky teeth, she so goes with the part. Strange looking child that.

  14. Hannahmontana do you like Jackson
    a lot. Because he is funny to you.
    Julie Rose Dunham .

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