Cara Delevingne, 21, (above left) is the hottest and most in-demand young model at London’s Fashion Week and you have seen her face EVERYWHERE – Chanel, Burberry, H&M, DKNY etc. She comes from a rather posh family, so her personal life is of great interest in the UK. Naturally it’s big news that she and Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez, 35, are now an item. They’ve been hanging out and getting cozier every day for the past six weeks and finally acknowledged their relationship. Looks like they both hit the gay-girl jackpot!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Bull Dyke Michelle is happy to score on a young girl. Maybe a Joan Jett / Carmen Electra thing. Hopefully Cara will get away or she may end up with a Sam Ronson.

  2. Michelle is much prettier than the model. A little too heroin chic for me.

  3. this is old news …. come on Janet, how bout something really salacious,

    sad to see, after all this time you still have the same pathetic obsessions Strom

  4. Poor, poor strumpet always ready to promote the gay lifestyle.

    Michelle is the definition of knarly dyke and the picture above had some photo slimming it seems.

  5. Michelle is known as having a ravenous appetite for female sex, somewhere between that of Whitney Houston and Hillary Clinton.

  6. Poor Patrick, raising the Rainbow flag and ready to join the parade. Michelle is a little busy now with munching, she will join the march later.

  7. Real true love which will laaaaaaaaaaaast forever which is; until they don’t get the major shock publicity they want..

  8. Janet are you aware of how out of touch your blog now is due to you allowing your alter ego Strom to continue to fester in various forms. 3 or 4 years ago I spoke to you by email you promised to get your webmaster to ban trolls. That was a lie, You approve of him. No wonder you are not quoted as an authority anymore your approval og homophobia and hate speech can’t be accepted. People are reading these comment threads and assume you are an out of date elderly racist.

  9. Poor Strom hater….not a comment about this out of control duo of lesbians who think the world should bow to their in public perversions…..but plenty of comments about a poster.

    As always, please advise of anything inaccurate.

  10. Extremely knarly Michelle is known as having a ravenous appetite for female sex. It is somewhere between that of Whitney Houston and Hillary Clinton.

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