Michael Jackson has watched with envy while Celine Dion, Elton John, and Prince have negotiated lucrative contracts to perform regularly in Las Vegas. At one time it appeared that Michael had a deal of his own, but it fell through. Michael LOVES the limelight and he really misses being in front of an audience. Why hasn’t he made a deal in Las Vegas? We hear it’s an insurance problem – nobody wants to insure him because he has a habit of bailing on concerts. Michael has claimed to be sick or injured and missed appearances one too many times – so no one wants to take a chance on him.


  1. Michael hit the nail on the head when he claimed to be sick. He is one sick puppy.

  2. he needs to stay hidden and rot away.
    no one likes him-FREEK show, child MOLESTER PERVERT!
    as a victim of child molestation, and how it affected my life in SO many ways-MICHAEL Jackson just makes me sick.
    He needs to get his ass plowed by OJ, and live in their own NEVER NEVER land, since America doesn’t want EITHER one of them freeks.
    Think his dick is white too?
    Just ask those kids!

  3. I pity the people who can’t see reality when it comes to Michael Jackson. He DID NOT abuse any children. The case was a weak scam to extort money from him and settle a vendeta from a bitter old man. Anyone who followed the case (and I don’t mean by trusting the tabloids lies and spin) would know there was no way Jacko would lose.
    For example, how do you molest a kid when you’re not even in the same country?
    It was just laughable.

  4. So Chris, check this out: Regarding the ’93 incident: “If you’ll look at the civil suit and that is case # SC026226, and look at page 15, paragraphs 44-45, that’s the allegation Michael Jackson agreed to pay for. As you can see, it mentions that “Jackson negligently had offensive contacts with plaintiff which were both explicitly sexual and otherwise.”
    So, how can one be “explicityly sexual” with a child and it not be considered molestation?
    Your thought process is what is laughable.

    IT’S OVER…

  6. His karma ate him alive!
    Pathetic, predatory, disgusting excuse for a human!

  7. I don’t pity him at all. He refuses to live by society’s rules and has obvious mental problems. He’s one of the richest people in the world.

  8. Exactly who would pay big bucks to see the criminal perform in Vegas?

  9. The man was under weight and weak and tired and warn out and…He had a Hoarding habit but not in a bad way his stuff was all over the place? But in different parts of the world and shopping for him was a release of stress and killed the boredom and created fun for him and as far as making friends it is hard…Because people just want to use him for his money and that is a shame and yes with all the drugs he took for depression and pain would kill him down the road and that is why he was weak at the end of the day and yes that is the main reason other people are not going to depend on you or relay on you in the future and if your word is not true blue to the end of a tour.

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