Congratulations Michael – your pro stem cell research TV ad was VERY effective! And congratulations to the voters of Missouri. We all remember the ad which drew national attention because Michael was moving involuntarily from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. The point of the ad was to get Missouri senatorial candidate Claire McCaskill elected – the focus of her campaign was her support of stem cell research. Missouri voters have spoken – Michael’s candidate left the conservative candidate Senator Jim Talent in the dust, and the state is backing embryonic stem cell research. This may not set well with Patricia Heaton, who spoke out AGAINST stem cell research, but it makes the rest of us very happy!

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28 thoughts on “MICHAEL J FOX: WE LOVE YOU

  1. I am so proud of MJF and am still boycotting Albertsons.

  2. The religious right got their ass beat in this election and I am loving every vote of it. hahaha

  3. I no longer shop at Albertsons ever since Patricia Heaton came out against stem cell research. When she gets fired I will return to shop there.

  4. Patty Heaton is a moron. Never liked her ugly ass and when she opens her mouth she proved to be the idiot I always thought she was.

  5. Poor Michael j Fox. I feel so bad for him and hope he can get better. Maybe this research will help him and I am glad that the senator was elected. Go DEMOCRATS!

  6. Yeah Michael J. Fox, you are an inspiration to all of us. Patrciia Heaton is a loser.

  7. I too am not shopping at any albertsons markets in los angeles. Vons now has my business.

  8. MJF and others will die long before they find a cure. His disinformation campaign is just going to bring false hope to many. And if they find a cure, it won’t be from EScR but from ASCR.

  9. Being from Missouri, I am afraid of the doors we’ve just opened. I hope they were the right ones…

  10. I am glad that it passed. If do not have an illness you cannot understand the pain that people go through. I pray to God everyday to help people that are suffering.

  11. No one will have money to shop at Albertsons since the democrats are in.

  12. Before you jump on the boycott bandwagon consider this:
    Albertson’s supports non-profit organizations that GIVE BACK to the community, such as:
    * Hunger Relief
    * Youth & Education
    * Health & Nutrition
    * Environmental stewardship
    If you’ve ever applied for grants, you know how long the turnaround time can be. Albertson’s runs about 4 weeks.
    Albertson’s also has a Supplier Diversity program where they actively seek vendors whose companies (translated – women or minorities own 51% or more of the company).
    I am not an employee nor am I affiliated in any way with anyone who works there. But, I believe in finding out facts before I jump on an the equivalent of a chest-thumping boycott.
    You all are giving Patricia Heaton way too much credit. And you’re attempting to sacrifice volunteer programs in order to do it. Shame on you. You’re no better than Heaton is – both hurting innocent people.

  13. Albertsons should fire Patricia Heaton and then they will get my business back. I have 18 neighbors also boycotting so there!

  14. I doubt if Albertson’s is losing sleep over you and your 18 neighbors not shopping there.
    Do your homework, chicky. Boycotts are very rarely successful. You’ll have more luck dealing directly with corporate. You effect change by discourse, not by pouting like a stubborn child. I’m sure that your ignorance is not a reflection of your intelligence.

  15. I still haven’t stepped foot insdie an Albertsons since this whole Patricia Heaton thing. That is my choice.

  16. I voted democrat and am happy that stem cell research law passed in Missouri. Sorry religious reublicans.

  17. I am pro stem cell research and a Republican. The religious right lost this election for Republicans so they should form their own party since they are ruining ours! Patricia Heaton is a joke.

  18. I agree with MJF disagree with Patricia Heaton and am proud to be a Democrat. It is refreshing to see some Republicans agree with stem cell research. The reason is because this is NOT a political issue but one that justs makes sense. I too will boycott Albertsons until they get rid of Patricia.

  19. Wow I didn’t realize that over there in America, you weren’t allowed to voice an opinion. Unless of course it agrees with yours. Poor Patricia Heaton. You people don’t agree with her, so she must lose her contract with Albertsons? Wow, no wonder the US of A is really starting to suck. No more Freedom of Speech, I guess.

  20. I used to respect MJF, but since he made his life more important than the life of unborn babies. ESCR has proven to be uneffective, its the ASCR that has shown the most promise. But then I guess conservatives as myself, unwilling to lie about their beliefs, will have to wait for liberal ideas to fail, before we will again be able to over come peoples selfish motives.

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