Meth-od Actor

This adorable actor already has a few awards on the mantle and he has all the makings of a big movie star. He split with a longtime girlfriend and – just his luck – he got invited to the Playboy mansion. There he met a model who who introduced him to meth. He LOVED it and now they smoke together every day. It’s been a month and his addiction is starting to affect his life- he’s skinnier than ever and nervous as a cat. Plus, he’s been picking at his pretty skin. Where will it all end?

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57 thoughts on “Meth-od Actor

  1. no, not adam Brody. I just saw footage of him at Sundance. He looked fine. Not skinny at all. Jake G? He’s won some awards?

  2. Orlando has some acting awards,Jared has awards as a musician with 30 mars (hollywood life award,prince of darkness award),Adam Brody has Teen Choice awards.But only Orlando and Adam had a break up longtime realationship recently.If this BI is New, its one of them .If its Old it could be Jared after his broken engagment with Cameron Diaz(5 years ago)

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