It’s bad enough that Meghan Markle had the UK tabloid press tearing her to pieces, but she also has two of her own family members earning money by saying negative things about her. The fact that the Royals courted the press but did NOTHING to stop papers from writing awful things about Meghan is shocking. It’s understandable that Meghan was hurt and disappointed. On top of that daily tabloid tirade, she had to endure nasty remarks by her own father and 16 years older half-sister. The half sister Samantha (who has reverted back to her original last name of Markle since Meghan married into the Royal family) admits she hasn’t seen Meghan in years and barely knows her, yet she can’t stop talking bad about her. As soon as Samantha realized she could make MONEY selling interviews, she become a talkative “expert” on Meghan’s character, and encouraged her father to do the same. Why journalists like Piers Morgan have been so cruel to Meghan is unthinkable- people who have worked with and known Meghan over the years have nothing but nice things to say about her. We hope she makes a wonderful life for herself in California. And THANK YOU, Oprah!

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  1. When people cry “racism” as a way of deflecting from their own negative behavior they are telling you they have no character. a person of character doesn’t go that low. Furthermore, why is diryt laundry being advertised on tv? If she has a problem with Kate or the Queen or whatever how about speaking to them directing or through phone calls, letters ect? Doing it on tv is GROSS. I was fully expecting Dr. Phil to show up.

  2. I’m Team Harry and Meghan all the way. It would have taken very little effort for the royal family to embrace Harry’s choice of a wife and support her personally and, even a little bit, in the press. Remember when the queen was quoted as saying “Charles is happy with the woman he loves” after Charles married the woman he cheated on his wife with for years? As for Meghan’s father and “sister,” they deserve to be frozen out. They are despicable in the way they used her.

  3. They are totally lying, at best they are embellishing the truth. Megan seems to have a people problem, she’s a social climber that uses people until she gets what she needs from them. She attempted to discredit her own sister by saying she’s only seen her twice in her life, then the sister busts out dozens of photos of Megan and her together at various stages of their lives. MEGAN IS A LIAR. Don’t be fooled people. She also lied, stating the sister changed her name to markle only after Megan started dating Harry. The sister proved that to be a lie by showing her passport and college diploma, both stamped with dates previous to Megan ever meeting Harry.

    We always knew Harry was the dumber brother, and unfortunately for him he has hooked up with a filthy schemer, a once failed actress and game show model. The end!

  4. I’m pretty sure the royal family can’t do anything about the press, so I don’t find it as shocking as you do.

    I’ve got a friend who married and whose wife immediately managed to alienate him from the family with whom he’d always been close. Meghan reminds me so much of her, and Harry so much of him. I think the BRF did just fine by her and it’s all her machinations.


  6. Oprah sucks and should have asked Markle why she ghosted her father. Terrible of them to go on tv like that.

  7. She will divorce Harry when he outlives his usefulness and she will call him racist too. I bet she makes a move on Bezos.

  8. Harry took his DNA test on the Q.T. and found out Wills is his half brother.
    He doesn’t care about those people and neither does Meghan. Dianas little ginger time bomb has gone off in spectacular fashion.
    When they were my neighbours on the Island nobody cared. That was hard for Meghan.
    All yours now!

  9. And as for the security issue at their North Saanich retreat. What Meghan didn’t tell you. Canadians refused to foot the bill for Meghans perceived security threat. That’s after they left the protection of the Royals security to strike out in their own as would be the case. Yet Meghan wanted Canada to pay for it.
    And who would the threat be? In North Saanich? Little kids fundraising for their soccer or hockey team looking for empty cans?
    Don’t be so easily led, Hollywood.

  10. She is a vacuous untalented gold-digger. Unfortunately, he left no mystery as to his intelligence factor. Neither one of these ungrateful users are interesting in the least. The Royals ALWAYS win. These two asses need to disappear. Elitest prigs.

  11. Oprah worked on 60 Minutes for how long? She was allegedly asked to leave . Now we know why. Not an interview, a coordinated press effort, flawlessly planned and coordinated. It was an attack against a Royal Family whose mantra is never complain, never explain. Therefore, one can say almost anything and get away with it. All the friends coordinated to make press statements both before and after. A make or break campaign so M&H can make $$$ and turn around their unfavorability rating.

    Anyone joining a family owned business knows it’s very tough. I can’t imagine going to a foreign country, almost friendless. Ms Markle is an adult who graduated from college and knew what she was doing when she quit everything to be with a Royal. Both she and her hapless husband are ruthless, whining brats who didn’t get what they wanted and blame everyone else.

  12. Here are some questions that Oprah should have asked….Hey Megs, how come you invited me to your wedding when we had never even met? Hey Megs, how come you invited the Clooneys who didn’t know you either? Why are you saying that Archie does not have a title because he is biracial when we all know that only the child and grandchild of a monarch gets titles? Why isn’t that your truth? Hey Megs, how could you have gotten married with just the two of you when the church demands two witnesses? Also, the Church of England does not marry people twice, so how did that happen? Hey Megs, how about you stop spinning everything to make you a victim and actually tell the truth for once. Hey Megs why is everyone who ever knew you staying the hell away from you? Is it because you are selfish and self-centered and a narcissist?

  13. Meghan is a nobody , an ambitious briefcase girl looking for a rich man. She will have the second kid and then pull an Olivia Wilde or Jennifer Garner to suck the money from non-windsor Harry.

  14. Princess Diana’s mother had an affair with Sir James Goldsmith. His son Zac looks like Diana’s twin. Google Princess Diana and Zac Goldsmith and tell me you don’t agree.

  15. It seems that the liberal media has decided we are to believe Megan no matter how devoid of truth her story is. It’s disgusting the way our society is being manipulated into accepting one narrative. Oprah is disgusting for this garbage, she has sunk so low. I think Megan was upset with Kate, because she would never out rank Kate. Megan is an entitled piece of garbage and Harry is an imbecile.

  16. To all of you critics: The Meghan/Harry situation has NOTHING to do with Democrat or Republican. Almost ALL of the negative information about Meghan originated in the highly creative UK tabloids. People who knew and worked with her here universally LIKED her. There is no reason to accuse her of ANYTHING! She’s just another nice girl who happened to marry “well” – if you call it that.

  17. ^^^ please stop, where there’s smoke there’s fire, Megan is a troubled person. It seems like lots of blogs and US MEDIA are trying to sensor anyone who says and thinks otherwise. Most of us do not like her or her lies, show us the receipts Megan, stop lying, for once.

  18. Janet. Meghan refused to move to the U.S. while Trump was president. That is why they initially moved to Vancouver Island.
    Yes. Meghan does make it about politics and herself.

  19. So Meghan won’t live in the U.S. while Trump is president yet can’t understand why Canadians unanimously rejected paying their security costs.
    Meghan mad now. Must move to L.A. Be by best friend, Oprah. Throw Royals under double decker. There. All better.
    Narcissist, sociopath. Hollywood good!
    Husband, keep up and shut up. Dummie.

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