Now that she’s been relieved of any royal duties, Meghan Markle is turning into quite the housewife (wouldn’t Bravo love to have HER on their series!) Meghan has started to develop friendships with some of her neighbors in Montecito, where she lives with Prince Harry. She was recently invited to join a women’s club that some of her wealthy neighbors started years back. One of the holiday traditions of the group is an annual bake-off and this year Meghan WON with her brown sugar crusted pumpkin loaf. Imagine that. An insider reveals that Meghan has taken up baking and has been experimenting with different baked goods, telling friends it’s “therapeutic.” We’ll see how long THIS lasts…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Everything in her life is staged, just like when you sell a house

  2. She had a blog were she talked about cooking so I can see her doing this

  3. Nasty piece of work. One of the most horrible ungrateful people on this planet. She and Harold deserve each other….. mocking the queen with that ridiculous curtsey.

  4. What is it about Meghan that makes racists and misogynists think they can spew all over her and NOT look like the evil pigs they are? Meghan is an educated, successful, well-spoken, and beautiful woman who fell in love ,had a family, and is trying to build a life away from those who would do her and her family harm. Leave her alone and work on improving your pitiful, racist, women-hating lives.

  5. It does not mean anyone who calls out Me again is a racist. I am black and do not take it lightly that she used her white passing self to start calling the royals racists when all her associates previously had been white. All her husbands have been white….

  6. Her name is Meghan. And calling attention to her husbands being white is by definition racism. Blacks can be racist too, as I know very well from having served in the armed forces.

  7. Dån-Dan- I agree with you – don’t know WHY people pick on Meghan for no apparent reason
    – I believe she’s the best thing that ever happened to Harry and he’s lucky to have her!

  8. Pick on her for NO APPARENT REASON? What freaking rock have you just crawled out from? She’s a hateful shrew who has little/no talent and acts like a whiny ass victim. She’s no victim. She’s a former prostitute that tears down the royal family while wanting them to foot her bills. Oh yeah…you made this crap up about the Montecito wives liking her. She is NOT well-liked. Why, oh why, did you let Harry’s owner write this article? She’s about as well liked as toe fungus and migraines.

  9. Well, Janet, I disagree.She is definitely not sliced bread. Every race has racists but calling the royal as racists by Meagain takes the cake. You don’t claim your blackness to score cheap points against people who welcomed you in.

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