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Did we catch Mary-Kate Olsen slipping into the museum? Her surroundings DO look somewhat museum-like. Lots of cement and sculptures. Actually she’s walking into the exclusive shop Maxfield in this picture. We think Mary-Kate was inspired by one part Helmut Newton and one part punk when she put on this outfit. (Which is not a bad thing.) The extreme shoes remind one of Newton and the big fat run in her tights is punk. And there’s that handbag we love!

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  1. That’s funny! Have any of these bimbo’s ever been to a museum…I’m guessing no since they don’t have “gift suites” where their silly celebrity asses are kissed and caressed non-stop. They are all so dumb. Please go away, and Janet for the love of God, no more Paris Hilton!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hair by Helen Keller.Shoes by Hermun Munster.Todays meal by Tic Tac……Oh No!

  3. Hair by Helen Keller.Shoes by Hermun Munster.Todays meal by Tic Tac……Oh No!

  4. Hair by Helen Keller.Shoes by Hermun Munster.Todays meal by Tic Tac……Oh No!

  5. Right on Hedda, those kicks are right out of the Munster’s wardrobe trunk. I bet she broke her ankle right after this photo was snapped. Don’t these jackasses ever get sick of shopping? How much new ugly stupid shit do they need?

  6. Stop shopping for five minutes and eat somehting! Her head looks like a bowling ball on top of a toothpick!

  7. Do you think she woke up and thought,ok my old look of homeless woman in blanket is over,so now I will find really big ugly shoes and look like a peaz head at all times?

  8. So many haters.
    Agreed with Janet on the style comment/look she’s going for.
    Same look is all over LA/NYC, probably hasn’t hit those surburban/small towns, mid-west? Although leggings have been in for a little over a year…….which is why she’s doing the rip in tights.
    Kinda like cutting holes in your 7’s.
    Love yah Janet.
    Good to hear your site is doing well!!!
    We all haven’t seen you out and about in LA for awhile??

  9. her feet look like they may be a size 9 or 10-for such a mite…they both dress abysmally for super rich chicas…

  10. Blecch. Hate her look and don’t care that she’s out and about on the town. Payola much?

  11. what do they do these days anyway???
    a little old to be selling lame videos and gross clothes to the pre-teen crowd they used to own……….that really BAD movie was at least 3 years ago…….
    so short of being postergirls for anorexia and counting their money all day– what the hell do they do??

  12. Go Screw 2:11 I’m in nyc and I still think this look sucks. Not everyone is dumb enough to follow every fashion trend. Get off the whole no fashion outside NYC/LA. You are worse than Bruno. Those tights probably snagged when they went over her bony body.

  13. She looks like a crack addict. She also looks like she needs a bath.

  14. Dosent she have enough money to find someone to dress her, it hurts my eyes!

  15. If you dislike her, why spend your time leaving ridiculous, rude comments. She’s lovely the way she is. And, many girls see her as a fashion icon. Get over it. :]

  16. I Read somewhere that she rips all of her opaque black tights on purpose because she hates them and by wearing them she is sending them to there fate..”the bin”

  17. “Janet is a rockstar. LA loves ya!!” I love YOU!! (of course I love you too Janet! haha!!)
    MK is STUNNING!! Does anyone know any SENSIBLE suggestions for where she found those shoes?? email me!

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