Marilyn Manson tapped Shia LaBeouf to collaborate with him on a short film to promote his new album “Born Villain.” Bearded Shia and his photographer girlfriend Karolyn Pho turned up at the premier showing this weekend at The Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood. Most mystifying is Marilyn and his new haircut, with a woman wearing a mask and VERY peculiar dress with a cut out crotch and what appears to be a merkin. You can’t blame her for wearing a mask. The woman claimed to be China Chow– but who knows? However the dress will not soon be forgotten.

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  1. OMG, at first glance I thought this was a blow up doll. Too funny. I can just imagine peoples faces when they first seen this chick!! Hahahaha Talk about easy access!

  2. What’s Marilyn Manson doing with Kim K? She could have at least waxed & wore underwear.
    That’s no cut out crotch, that’s just plain nasty, contagious & worn out. Yuck.

  3. He’s bearing some resemblance to Boy George.
    I can see thunt on his date.

  4. I thought it was a blow up doll too! He should be locked up in an institution.

  5. Maybe a Bai Ling wanna be. Why weren’t the freaks just tossed out in the street?

  6. Oh FFS – how screamingly pathetic and needy.

    People should be slapped upside the head and locked up for this. Or as my father would so eloquently put it, it needs a bullet in the head, lol.

    I am far from a prude, but I don’t want to see this sort of dumbass-ness. I don’t find it amusing or art or whateva-disorder you want to label it with. (Although our resident fellow poster Capt. America might like to label it ‘American-disorder’ lol).

    And Patrick as far as a ‘thunt’ in this instance, yeah, although when I use the see you next tuesday word, i often mean it as in a person being dumb or exhibiting stupid behaviour, so a ‘thick see you next tuesday’ is a slight difference, but good summation in this case.

  7. Ah, new words: thunt and merkin. Who said this site wasn’t educational?

  8. TO quote Michael K (gotta love him):
    “Say what you want about Marilyn Manson (examples: he’s turning into an old Lydia from Beetlejuice, a chick has to dip her coochie in make-up remover whenever he eats her out, he’s definitely getting too old for this shit, etc…), but he always manages to pluck the most graceful flowers out of the WTF garden and his latest piece is no exception. Marilyn left Chateau Marmont last night with a gorgeous specimen who wore an elegant peek-a-puss dress exclusively from Bristol Palin’s prom night collection, a pair of Lee Presson gloves, a puffy pussy patch (for shy sluts who believe you should leave labia to the imagination) and a face that could beat Kim Kardashian’s face in a natural beauty competition. I like to call this perfect look: So THIS is what happened to Baby Jane.

    Marilyn’s ex pieces all say that living with him is about as pleasant as a wet fart to the face, but I have a feeling this one’s going to last. Mostly because she’s wearing a mask and probably can’t see his face too good.”

  9. I think he was so damaged by his upbringing as a kid (molested as a kid) that he just didn’t have “normal” in his future. Plus, I remember reading about his grandfather practicing bestiality and S & M. I don’t know if it is environment or a combination of that and defected dna. ?????????

  10. Ok… I thought I’d seen it all when Lady Gag (not a typo.. ha) wore that meat dress… then at the 2011 MTV VMA’s I saw what Nicky Minaj wore, and once again I thought I saw it all… now I see the mannequin lady and once again I’m “I’ve seen it all!” Conclusion: I’m getting to F’ing old for these crazies… lol

  11. Differing: No one on here is old, ’cause Janet and her ‘stuff’ keeps us all young at heart. And a young at heart bunch we are. 🙂

  12. Indy

    That is so sweet and thoughtful of you. If you were here, I would loosen up my iv, crawl out of my wheelchair, put my teeth in and give you a hug with my good arm. 🙂 LOL!!!!!

  13. Fabu, probably about 10 years before Lady Gaga, a meat dress was exhibited in the Ottawa museum of art.
    As for Marilyn, no, he writes that he had a great family life, albeit, red state mentality.
    Andthen there is the conventional belief, is that ‘any press, is good press’. This goes for gossip columns too. The one thing that Marilyn knows, is how to keep in the public eye, try to stay controversial, and MAKE MONEY !

  14. My God what a dress…Who would sale a dress like that and what if that little patch fail off?

  15. To wear a mask and not be seen…It is what she wants and it makes her happy and that is strange and weird to me?

  16. This woman really value there privacy and just wanted to be left alone and go on a normal date! But it’s not every day you have some stranger coming around to take your picture and matter of fact it is invasion of privacy and I am sure this woman don’t want the world to dig throw there life and interview other people and find out the in’s and out’s of there life.

  17. In life we really don’t want the world to know every move we have made and every person we have gone out with and private issues but that is something that is going to happen when you date some one who is a Star of Music…Every mistake you ever made is going to be there for the world to see.

  18. Who is that at the top picture? Doe’s not look like Marilyn Manson at all…He really looks different in both pictures. I kind of miss his hair…That was a trade mark.

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