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Mariah Carey just HAD to make a quick stop at Van Cleef & Arpels in Beverly Hills on her way to the airport to catch a flight to New York. (As you can see, the sales people perked up when they saw her) She spent her shopping time there perusing the diamonds fearlessly because she had several burly bodyguards surrounding her at all times. Decorated with a few new sparkly things, she gleefully departed.

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  1. Mimoo is washed up. More pics of Tom Jone’s wife please.

  2. She is finished. She used to be able to hit the highest ‘C’. I have not heard her do this in 2 years. Since she had her very violet mental breakdown, spell her O.V.E.R. She is kind of a sad case in a way, and I still rather like her and feel sorry for her at times.

  3. Just wondering why every single outfit in her wardrobe exposes her breasts?

  4. It’s her money.. she can spend it as she likes. Expensive jewelry is a good investment of that money.

  5. she is not cute but what a beautiful life and what a great singer and I dont just mean the notes. she sings the songs that express how women feel. that is the secret to her success.

  6. I do Mariah drag at the hammer bar in the castro.I once met her,she was great.I have a pic of the 2 of us,it was hawt.

  7. 8:55 IS A STALKER TROLL impersonating me.
    JCHA HAS BEEN IMFORMED and of course she has your IP …
    You are amusing in an insane fashion. I have my very own on-line gossip board stalker which makes me kinda famous.
    Thanks, crazy jealous b!tch.

  8. Art shut up.Nobody cares about you or your fake imposterb that you have made up fruit cake

  9. GV you are WRONG I have spoken to Janet herself about that impersonating troll… h’m! Maybe YOU are the impersonating TROLL at any rate Janet Charlton’s WEBMASTER will figure out how to deal with trolls spamming this board.
    At any rate I, the one and only Art Chic am off to be fabulous and won’t be posting here till Sunday or so… again, Janet is informed of the trolls onboard and I look forward to you freaking being taken care of!

  10. Art #1,2,3, Troll, or whatever. And you too, Gerard. Don’t know exactly why, but I’m laffin’ so hard at all of this, I have to be excused to go pee. Seriously.

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