Jennifer Lopez has been diligently promoting her new movie “Parker“ in New York on all the talk shows, while the star of the movie, Jason Statham, makes all his publicity stops separately. For some reason they never appear together, and we can’t help but wonder if hard man Jason resents having to share the screen with a female “celebrity.” Statham is accustomed to having his character get all the attention and females are generally interchangeable. Above, Jason is in New York, looking dapper in a dark suit.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. Stay away from Jlo the fame whore or it will look like he is a co star in her new big picture…..Jlo in a film is usually a kiss of death. Her managers do great work in even booking her.

  2. God, bless him that he could be so macho without a jacket or coat, hat, scarf, scarf, gloves in nyc 15 degree weather.

  3. JLo is trash….think of all her films and probably only Selena made any money for anyone but her and was worth watching.

  4. He’s quite smart to keep his distance from her. How does she even land acting jobs? She’s box-office poison.

  5. I second all of the above….he is so hot. Maybe he has some sense and doesn’t want to interact with the fame whore.

  6. Yes, he’s quite something.

    Mr. Moviephone was on the radio this morning and he certainly didn’t hold back, saying that the movie was awful, and that JLo is the worst actress, and that they shouldn’t allow her to make movies.

  7. I’d prefer all hair off the face and on to the head, but whatever floats your boat. lol

    How can J-Lo still ANY kind of work. And one could wonder how long the Casper Smart affair will last. Sometimes it seems like he has her on a string, instead of vice-versa as has been reported.

  8. I love this man and I watch whatever he’s in BUT this movie with JLOW I don’t think so…I mean who the hell put her in this???They have no chemistry and I can’t stand the whore.

  9. I can’t stand J Ho either. I love Jason, but I’ll pass if that idiot is in it.

  10. That slag has, over the years, been teamed with almost every man in Hollywood, almost everyone that can talk. She CAN’T act. She’s made about a thousand films- all flops-when is this useless woman going to realize it?

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