Malia Obama, 18, probably never expected to become an “it girl” when she signed up to intern at The Weinstein Co in New York, but despite her attempts to keep a low profile, she just can’t. Paparazzi wait for her to come and go from work and fashion bloggers chat about her street wear. At a recent Weinstein event, The Hollywood Reporter noted that her name was included in the list of celebrities attending. Like it or not, she is being noticed big time – and it’s especially surprising because she makes it a point to avoid social media!

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. The face of a girl being a girl without having to answer to a nation. Enjoy adulting, M!

  2. Janet, her parents belong in prison for not following through on their promises. Gitmo is still open and KSM still has not been tried and he has been there since 2001 without any charges. seem strange?

  3. Lovely girl, lovely family. I can barely remember those wonderful drama free days.

  4. Sal, what the hell are you talking about. The Obamas have served our country well. Our nation was a hellavalot better off then when the not too bright Bush left office. There are clear facts to support that not to mention a 60% approval ratting for Obama when he left. So put a fork in it, Sal.

    Malia looks beautiful. Anyone of us would be grateful to have such a posed, intelligent young lady as a daughter who has handled her celebrity with maturity beyond her years. Thanks no doubt to Obama.

    Now sit back and watch the current guy in the White House attack our democracy. So far he has not been sujcessful but then I don’t expect ignorant people like you to care or notice — until the economy goes South and you, as a barber, will not have any clients who can afford haircuts. Shame on you.

  5. Well, her fashion sense sucks. What’s she wearing? A tent?

    Glad I don’t have to see that hypocritical and smug family anymore

  6. The difference in trying to be a celebrity or not is that a celebrity wanna-be poise for cameras and have deals with fashion designers to do so. Malia usually looks uncomfortable and doesn’t want to be photographed. Leave her alone.

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