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Photo Credit: Splash News

Madonna’s red string letting her down again? (The Kabbalah bracelet is supposed to ward off bad luck.) She’s wearing an elastic bandage on her ankle that indicates some kind of injury. Bad timing so close to her concert tour. It must be painful because she arrived at the Kabbalah center in New York and didn’t want to tackle the stairs so they had to open up a special elevator for her.


  1. Madonna is the Human embodiment of Lucifer the devil himself. She sold her soul to the devil for fame and wealth and now will burn in the Hell fires for all of eternity along side her friend’s Adolph Hitler and Oprah. Kabbalah she mistakenly thinks will save her. Burn Witch Burn!

  2. That demon-possessed, moral-less whore has led many impressionable young minds down the wrong road. And not only the youth…I heard Kelly Ripa say …”I worship her, she is my idol”.
    Kabbalah and Scientology are leading multitudes into the lake of fire. Only one way to heaven, and that is Jesus Christ, the eternal living Son of God.

  3. It’s time she realized she is 50, not 18, and adjust her lifestyle accordingly

  4. Did she dress herself in this getup? Is that thin socks she has on. Hideous.

  5. She wears the compression stockings-socks because her bones are crumbling, body veins are old and clotting from excessive dieting and exercise, plus she has cellulite. Even with sonic treatments to blast out fat pockets she still uses tightening creams on to elimate the cottage cheese effect for a while.

  6. Maybe granny should just SIT DOWN at this point.
    Doesn’t she know that by now we’ve all seen it — thousands of times — and it’s stretched from here to Pacoima.

  7. Whatsoever you reap, that you will sow.
    She has reaped corruption and now she is paying for it and will pay more as time goes on.

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