Madona leaving studio in west holywood.

Madonna is in West Hollywood and she could be coming to a gym near you! Madonna, 55, not only keeps up with her young dancers but she pushes them to exercise MORE. She’s hiding under her dark hoody as the sweaty group leaves a rigorous Soul Cycle class. But Madonna’s not finished – she took them all to a Pilates studio for more working out.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. Hope she doesn’t trip on her shoelace. Old bones take a long time to heal.

  2. Madonna is a diseased slag…

    An awful person… No voice, no talent … A ‘singing’ Kardashian …Is this really what America has come to???

  3. yes, this is the way we like it.
    Mick Jagger is her role model?

  4. Does she wear gloves when she exercises ? She must really hate those protruding veins and age spots !

  5. Like some other female celebs she uses a cream containing male hormons, hence her manly arms and hands

  6. This hag needs to get on her broom stick & head back to hell where she gets her evil energy from.

  7. She would be wise to ride a touring bicycle across America. Kinda toasty on the Southern Tier route as well as the Trans Am (mid-section of the country). And she could be telling everybody she’s been out touring. Plus, it’d be a great chapter in her book, verse hanging out with all the gay guys.

    Who wants read about those adventures? A real Italian gal, gets on a touring bike and makes that ass shrink the old fashion way. Plus, sleeping in a tent and maybe doing some skinny dipping in a cool river stream. Who wants to jump into a hot tub with a bunch of gay dudes?

  8. That old skag is completely possessed by demons and has been for a very long time. Does the old bat sleep unpside down?

  9. I don’t care for Madonna either but daaaamn!

  10. Her face – step away from the scalpel! Freakish and alarming

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