Thanks to Madonna, Kelly Osbourne looks quite fetching in her new Macy’s ads for the Material Girl collection, although her look is not particularly provocative. Apparently the store shied away from Taylor Momsen’s hard core raccoon eyes persona and wanted a softer more teen (and MOM) friendly feeling. Kelly looks a lot sweeter than usual. Now it’s clear why Kelly replaced Taylor.

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  1. Now this ad would not scare a mother away from buying those clothes. Kelly looks great, although I sorta wish she’d get rid of those arm tattoos.

  2. Kind of a no brainer. Who doesn’t prefer Kelly Osbourne’s look to Taylor Momsen’s. I wonder whose look Ozzy prefers? He looks more like Taylor’s father, same strung out appearance, same eye makeup, everything.

  3. Hideous tattoos but I heard she is slowly removing them all. Taylor Whosit looks like a ravaged prostitute, no wonder they didn’t want her

  4. I am not sure if the 2nd picture is advertising a bra or if that is the outfit. Who would want their teen daughter wearing that if it is an outfit? Kelly does look great though.

  5. The tattoos, indeed. Bad as those horrid forearm tatts, nothing beats the hideousness of those matching skull & crossbones on top of her feet!

    Several months ago, she was quoted in the press as stating she was having all of them removed. Apparently she felt they didn’t suit her ‘new body’.
    Someone must have talked her out of it as her we are, months later and ……..?

  6. I understand that its painful to remove tattoos and that is is done slowly. The problem I see with tattoos is that they stop representing who you are as a person after a time. Kelly has clearly changed and those awful tattoos don’t suit her now at all.

  7. Forget Jennifer Hudson. Talk about transformation! I mean, DAMN! KO looks great! I always thought she could be cute if she got her weight down. She’s always had great legs. And as everyone says, get rid of the tats and I might be looking for her myself!

  8. re: the tattoos, I’m pretty sure they are visible in the bottom photograph because the advertisers felt they complimented the edgy look of the outfit Kelly is wearing. Notice they are not visible in the top photograph. It would have been easy to cover them with makeup before the shoot, or Photoshop them out after the shoot if that’s what they wanted.

  9. Kelly looks good. I would not say she was a total knockout, but she does look good.

  10. In real life Kelly is nothing what you see on tv,in reality she is mean and always acts entitled.she is still ugly outside and inside and always be fat no matter how much weight she looses.Her mother is very mean person too.Sorry,but it’s true.

  11. I wouldn’t buy anything Madonna was pushing, no matter who modeled it. I agree Kelly looks good (barely recognizeable–wouldn’t know it was her if you didn’t tell me) and that the tats are simply disgusting.

  12. I dislike kellys fake personality but she looks terrific in these pics, they airbrushed her very well and almost got rid of that jaba the hut jaw line she has. great job, I just wish they would have rubbed out those filthy tats. they are disgusting.

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