grammy_men_02120cut.jpgMale fashion on the red carpet never gets much play so we want to take note of Ludacris – who is looking fine in his sleek grey suit at the Grammys. We do think he should talk to his tailor about having a zipper fly installed instead of those buttons – they draw too much attention.

6 thoughts on “LUDACRIS: BUTTONED UP

  1. He is sexy, really hot!!! Ludacris….wait, there is an r&b artist that I haven’t made a sex tape with??!! OMG, gotta go…………

  2. He looks great! Those other guys in their baggy pants, tattoos, chains, and bling look sloppy and ridiculous. Here’s a terrific looking guy. Hope he’s a trend setter.

  3. He looks fantastic! Love the tie. I love to see men looking smart.

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