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Samantha Ronson DJ’d at Bardot last night ( Tuesday nights are called “Mr Black’s”) so no one was surprised when Lindsay Lohan showed up. Lindsay wa given a corner L shaped sofa for herself and friends, and ropes were set up around her table, creating a tiny VIP area. Our observant witness sat nearby and reported the following: “Lindsay wore a white tank top with no bra, black leggings and strappy heels with a huge Chloe bag. She was slim, but had a little paunch – she has the body of a 35 year old woman with two kids. She borrowed lip gloss from a strange man at another table, and once in awhile she got up and did a little “chicken dance” alone. Her friend ordered four or five drinks in tumblers that Lindsay slammed back in a few gulps. She chainsmoked and no one told her to stop. She chatted with Sam, and left suddenly at 1 AM. “

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  1. that is to much (trivial) information – that is verging on stalking

  2. “Friendship” is an illusion with this FAKER, folks!!

  3. she is barely a celebrity anymore. why is she relevant? she can’t get work cause she’s a drugged up drunken mess. move on Janet.

  4. Well there is really nothing left to be said about this poor lost girl. Her sister Ali should step in and try to help her, that is if Ali hasn’t already gone down the same path. It appears her whorish mother is totally out of the picture and all she cares about is promoting Ali and even herself.

  5. She must color her hair at least twice a week. Where is her mother?

  6. She thinks she is exempt from the same malady that so many have succumbed to out of h-wood. Dying young for no good reason. Ask Belushi, Murphy, River Phoenix and so many others. They go and life goes on. We look for the next train wreck.

    She most likely will die after mixing it all just right. Her parents will both fight for camera time to blame eachother.

    I think what has kept her alive is the few paparazzi that flash her face. If they go away, it’s bye bye Linds. She is that nuts.


  7. The Yids always have a very high opinion of themselves.

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