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Lindsay Lohan claims she’s broke and can’t afford to pay for the treatment she’s getting at Betty Ford, but every time she gets a pass she hits the stores. (She’s also managing to keep her lips plumped and that can be pricey.) Does anyone remember the “Lindsay the hoarder” episode on The Insider last February? Are the people at Betty Ford aware that Lindsay has MORE than one addiction problem?

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  1. That is the first half-decent picture i have seen of her in a long while.

  2. From all that is said…she got to at least play with Sam Ronson’s balls this weekend.

  3. Geez Janet, give the girl a break! One addiction at a time please. Anyways, a girl can never have enough Prada, right?

  4. Oh Strom, just when one has had it with you, you surprise with a bon mot or a pithy comment.

  5. I have NEVER seen one person who “plumped” their lips who looked good! The real pity is that it seems like every actress in Hollywood over the age of 10 gets talked into messing up her lips.

  6. Blame the porn industry for the puffy lips. Funny though how the big breast implants are falling out of favor but the BJ lips are still…uhm…Big.

  7. She ought to be taking her broke ass to Ross Dress For Less or Out Of The Closet!

    She will never be sober!

  8. I’m with Mel, and don’t believe this loser will EVER be clean, although the reddish hair makes her look a lot better. She’s still way too thin, much like Tori Spelling.
    I DID see the footage on her clothes hoarding and she had more than enough stuff to start her own clothing store with. That she has the nerve to plead poverty and ask for handouts for her “recovery” all the while blatantly spending up a storm makes me really just want to slap the holy shit out of her! I don’t care WHEN she ODs, but she’s going to. I’m just sick her her. Period.

  9. Yeah, it does seem she is a lost cause. That is what happens to someone who has absolutely no parenting, and is treated as a cash cow.

  10. Where does she get the money to buy Prada? I thought she was broke? She should be shopping at H&M.

  11. pssst: these bags with names on it can be bought on the corner at robertson boulevard.

    (at the local BMW dealer)

  12. Being A Hoarder is such a waste mainly Because what good is it going to do to have 1000 of the same items over and over again…If your not going to use it and or waste it and just sit it around is making the money you have!!!Not go to what you need…When you need it and that is to join a Group and talk to some one who is a professional who can develope a new way of thinking and so it would help you in the future but I bet you can make some money if you autograph the items and sale them on EBAY AND MAKE YOUR MONEY BACK AND PAY FOR YOUR TREATMENTS THAT WAY…LOVELY LITTLE LADY YOU ARE GOING SHOPPING AND CAN’T AFFORD TREATMENT… ADDICTED TO SHOPPING FOR THINGS YOU DON’T NEED AND IT BREAKS YOUR POCKET BOOK AND YOU STRESS OUT YOUR CREDIT CARDS WHICH REALLY SUCK AND BLOW.

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