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Leonardo DiCaprio has replaced Brad Pitt as highest paid American movie star featured in Asian commercials. He signed a five million dollar deal to become the face of a Chinese cell phone company and his ads will never appear in the US. He’s in Paris filming a commercial in fake rain and they are making the most of his pretty face.


  1. I like the look of the girl’s heels w/socks or whatever it is…but couldn’t care LESS about Leo and the fake rain in Paris for Asia. Just lucky he’s not filming in Japan I guess with all the iradiated sky over there. He wouldn’t be a “pretty boy” for long filming over there. WHAT a huge mess and horrible situation!

  2. All that money and he still has a tiny lil baby penis between his legs. Guess you cant have it all.

  3. He is very handsome, not as handsome as Brad Pitt, but handsome none the less.

  4. Hey Janet, how about some juicy tidbits about the Madonna controversy currently in the media? The Kabbalah/Caresse Henry’s death allegations.

  5. Early Jimmy Cagney without the acting chops and great talent.

  6. his head has always looked like a lightbulb to me, he is not attractive in the slightest

  7. Yep and how about an update on Black Morgan Freeman marrying his step grandaughter!

  8. Reta, I don’t mean to be answering your question to MuffinTop, but I guess I am. Anyway, I never heard of this either, but just entered the name ‘Caresse Henry’ and there are a few articles.

  9. Caresse Henry was Madonna’s long time Manager(13 years), whom she fired last year. Miss Henry then took her own life after feeling completely shut her out of Madonna’s life, according to her sister. According to the sister, Miss Henry was concerned about the Kabbalah involement in Madonna’s affairs. This is direct quote from the article “Madonna became obsessed with the mysterious religion and even forbade her friend and manager from dating one of her bodyguards because Kabbalah insiders did not approve of the relationship”.

    Apparently Madonna sent her walking papers via fax after 13 years of service. That’s a class act move!! Anyways I read about it on Radar online, I just thought that it might have been a news worthy article on Janet’s blog. It is very suprising that this is the first that I had heard of such a high profile incident. We are talking about Madonna here, she is one of the most powerful women in the entertainment business. Obviously she has the power to hush these types of stories up.

    Again Janet, can you spill the beans on this story?

  10. This pisses me off….I mean, I like Leo. He’s a fine enough actor. But really, when is enough commercialism, big bucks enough???? Do the studios FORCE these A-List actors to produce these commericals? If so, fine. But is an ADDITIONAL $5 million really required to do it? I should think the $20 million salary he pulls down should suffice for ALL INTERNATIONAL commerical promotional work. The amount of money exchanged is frightening and sickening.

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