Ten months after the fact, Lea Michele is STILL using her deceased boyfriend Cory Monteith to stimulate publicity for herself as the grieving girlfriend. It was last July that Cory died of a heroin overdose and his girlfriend Michele has been boo-hooing and doing interviews on their relationship nonstop ever since. Just in case people forgot about her for ten minutes, Lea posted a photo of herself and Cory together online today as a tribute to what would have been his birthday. Enough already!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. this sounds unnecessarily harsh, janet. his death was premature and traumatic for those he left behind. should this girl not speak at all about her boyfriends death?
    I can assure you she is constantly being asked about his death even if she doesn’t want to speak about it!!

  2. What a horrible thing to pot Janet. Have you missed some medications?

  3. It’s obvious their whole relationship was for publicity. He screwed her over by leaving her in this mess to play the grieving widow so I say it’s her right to use his death as much as she likes. Is it tacky? Hell yea. But is she within her rights? I think so.

  4. Since it was just a PR relationship, it’s even more pathetic. Good for you for calling her out. To those who think that it’s harsh, exploiting a death is disgusting and I have the feeling that Lea’s going to use this for years to come, as a way of getting sympathy and attention.

  5. That bitch is so full of her own imagined importance

  6. allan, u r so right.

    And could she please stop ‘grieving’ long enough to get a good surgeon to work on that huge.

  7. She’s a bargain basement Courtney Love, feeding off the sympathy. I still can’t feel too sorry for someone who had it all and chose to throw it away.

  8. how is death sudden and tragic when you are doing drugs?

  9. I think Lea will stop using his death for publicity when Janet stop saying ‘we’ when she means I .

  10. Alot of people know that this was a PR relationship, they were just friends. Do you think he would really want someone like her? She has milked his death for every ounce of fame she can get. She needs to get over herself…and the big nose…and the spray tan…and the smug look.

  11. NobleCasacade, this comment is directed to your question.

    Most people do NOT want to become drug addicts or die of an OD.
    Shit happens, people fall into addiction.

    If you haven’t or you haven’t had a loved one fall into addiction, consider yourself fortunate.
    There are people who try a drug once and become hooked for life. Some people can use casually for years and years until all at once, they have a problem they can’t shake.

    Betty Ford was an addict hooked on prescription pain meds ( prescribed by her doctors) and alcohol ( which can be legally obtained at any bodega or supermarket)

    Addiction is addiction, whether it is heroin, coke, meth, alcohol or pain meds.

    It’s a bitter life with a slim chance of recovery for the people with the problem.

    This young man paid for his sins with his life.

    This conversation is way too judgmental even for me. You’re all full of………. fire and brimstone.

    Why so judgmental?

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