laviecut.jpgWe were lucky to have an early peek at one of the best movies of the year last night and we don’t want you to miss it. It’s La Vie En Rose – a gorgeous European epic about the life of Edith Piaf, and it won’t be released here until June 8, so mark your calendars in advance. The story is amazing – it begins in the 1920’s in the streets of Paris. Piaf had a tawdry upbringing in a whorehouse and she grew up singing on streetcorners. Eventually this tiny common girl with a powerful voice became the toast of her country. Her romance with a boxer is heartwrenching and Marion Cotillard as Piaf is perfect. The story is beautifully photographed in exquisite detail (you’ll love the fashion – especially the little French suits) and absolutely fascinating – so engrossing, you don’t even mind the subtitles.

11 thoughts on “LA VIE EN ROSE: DON'T MISS IT

  1. If they producers had any brains they would have called it “La Te Da”.
    “Tawdry upbringing in a whorehouse and singing on streetcorners – “Hey Sailor, looking for a good time”!
    Might catch it in Netfliks one of these days or when Hef is showing it.

  2. I heard they wanted Miss Joyce Dewitt for the lead role ,but she was working and turned it down

  3. The chick wearing the cap kind of resembles Drew Barrymore. I can’t wait to see the movie either.

  4. Janet, are you getting paid to promote this sure to be unseen film?

  5. Marion is an excellent Piaf and the music is fantastic, but the film is not. And a French film is a French film, why refer to it as “European”.

  6. Piaf was never pretty and it’s another stupid sex, drug, booze rags to slut riches story.. blah blah bland.

  7. always happenning in america tres stupid et ignorants is the best film about tha life of one of the best singer ever

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