Did Dean Cain know what he was getting into when he and Kris Jenner met for lunch at Cecconi’s? After lunch the former Superman, 48, who has put on a few pounds, looked a bit surprised to see the paparazzi snapping. Of course Kris appeared to be perfectly delighted. Kris, 58, was oddly attired in a white cotton summery dress over tight black leather pants and stiletto boots. They left in separate cars. We can just imagine Kris buzzing on the internet right now – looking for these photos…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. Not to worry Dean, your Name doesn’t start with a K so you are safe from this group of publicity hounds. Just saying!!

  2. Whatta bunch of losers that family is. They do nothing, give nothing & ARE NOTHING!

  3. 100 degrees and a classless person wears thigh boots. After Bruce she is desperate for a boning. Probably will draw the line at BLACKS though.

  4. Strom: isn’t one of her daughters married to a black?

    has any of them graduated from high school. We know the youngest can’t read.

  5. Daughters have absolutely drawn the line at anything WHITE. Family is uneducated trash but its all about $$$$ for them.

  6. It was a meeting between 2 Republicans is all it was. Both are card carrying members of the GOP (Grouchy Old People)so you know they are out of touch….

  7. Stommy, baby, those aren’t thigh high boots but leather pants with booties. Like you not a fan of KJ but I think she looks pretty rad here 🙂

  8. Those pants are probably waxed cotton, looks just like leather. She most probably wants the public to believe she can get a younger, hot guy. Not. Well, only if they happen to be a fame whore, and really stupid.

  9. He looks fricking horrible, has the neck of an 80 yr old ox!

  10. Dlisted ran a picture when the wind blew up her white top and exposed the biggest massive camel toe I’ve ever seen. I mean blinding!

  11. that whole family are disgusting whores who do anything for publicity

  12. I first thought the headline said he was tickling her pink. I guess I need new glasses.

  13. I forgot something important…the look on Kris’ face says, punch me!

  14. Kris Jenner looks awful. Like a desperate old woman dressing the age of her daughters. She has no appeal to get boned from a hot male. She’s a lush and it shows on her face.

  15. Seems Dean may have been tickling her pink under the table during lunch!

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