Kim Kardashian is really proud of the photos Terry Richardson did of her for the Kardashian Kollection because she looks sensational. But we’re not buying it. Why is she wearing black in a black background for a fashion shoot? Recent paparazzi snapshots of Kim look nothing like this. Kim credits the Atkins diet but we credit photoshop.

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  1. A total and utter skank… A scrubber …who would even consider banging this horror?

  2. I love the plastic surgery and blond hair–makes me feel like I’m not looking at KPig.

  3. Kim looks amazing for having given birth not that long ago. I think certain “other people” should invest in a copy of photoshop for their own personal use. Might just do wonders for their image.

  4. More importantly people, what about Kims ex making 1/2 a mil off of the engagement ring he didnt even buy. All the idiots believed he was a victim. Victim my arse, sneaky snake, for sure.

  5. Since we all saw her a few days ago with a rump the size of a hippo, are we really expected to believe she is now thinner than she was before she got pregnant? Photoshopped to a degree of incredulity.

  6. How true the company we keep changes us. Kim is now owned by Kanye West. The baby sealed the deal.

    Notice Kim rarely smiles for the cameras anymore? She’s secretly miserable and stuck in a world after giving birth because people don’t see her in the same light. She doesn’t see herself in the same positive light. Her world has turned to darkness in many ways. The black clothing confirms it. She’s even dressing her poor infant in black.

    Kim’s misery shows in her eyes. She’s even taken on the look of a sour puss face just like her Satan-possessed baby’s pappy.

    Kanye West is an evil bastard who’ll prove to be Kim’s worst nightmare only after she wants out of the relationship for a nicer black rich man. Kanye’s mean as hell. He’s the ignorant son of Lucifer.

    How could LA’s biggest whore to only black rich men fall for a devilworshipping rapper? Because Kim has a sex addiction for only black rich men. Kris Humphries was too light-skinned black for her taste. She immediately returned to her favorite ace of spade rich black man.

    Kim doesn’t smile much anymore because she realizes breaking free of Kanye West to lust after another black rich man can’t happen unless a huge price is paid. Kanye will lose his sex drive for her and will have who he wants but she had better not publicly show any interest for another black man besides him.

    West owns Kim without a marriage license and if she tries to get into another relationship, Kanye will be sent to prison. I predict he’s going there one day perhaps after losing his cash. Mark my word.

    Kanye West is possessed by demons. The demons dictate his actions. What’s he doing? He’s on tour committing blasphemy where the demons are forcing him to practice Satanism. The idiot is one lost soul. And so is the whore mother of his only child.

  7. Kim is a short heavy set women. Airbrushing that won’t change the truth.

  8. Many comments right on the money!

    Kudo’s to great photographers and phototechs who make skanks like Kim, JLo, and Eva L. look fetching in pictures.

  9. Lola Lisa, you are right.

    They are both possessed by demons and are spiritually dead. Do they think they are invincible? They could die at any time, from a drunk driver, a surgery gone wrong, a lunatic with a gun, etc. Satan is laughing and waiting, with a little hot area reserved for both. Maybe her area will have pics of big black johnsons which will torment her forever, knowing she can no longer partake in this activity again.

  10. What is wrong with her face, esp the nose & mouth area?? She is one more plastic surgery away from becoming Joan Rivers….

  11. Has anyone else noticed how huge her feet are? She would give Paris a run for the money with those gunboats.

  12. everyone in the business gets photoshopped, but, this is over the top.

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