Kim Kardashian is trying to butter up what is probably the most important newspaper in the UK, The Daily Mail. It’s a particularly celebrity-friendly paper and extremely influential. (Everybody reads it.) She was photographed attending the paper’s yacht party in Cannes wearing this Egyptian inspired, terrifyingly tight dress. As usual she has that lobotomized expressionless look on her face – Kanye DID warn her never to look happy. Do you think he got the idea from observing Victoria Beckham?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Always trying to be something she’s not. This fat ass and her shit bag family exhaust me with their narcissism. Look! there’s that turd Jonathan. This is news? Janet you’re a sell out. You’re no better than them.

  2. She probably paid an outrageous amount for this outfit. I think she has a weird body.

    I have always felt having money does not equate to class….

  3. It has got to be an absolute chore to be photographed everyday of your life in a tight fitting outfit that you can Not breathe in!!

  4. the guy behind her knows it for sure: SUCH AN ASS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE!!

  5. Back up.

    Wide load coming through.

    Beep beep beep.

  6. HAHA It’s the numskull suffering pretense price they pay for ultimate fame and adoration.. not!

  7. Janet, Id be forever grateful to u if u stopped posting about the KarTRASHians

  8. It is important to note that JCH simply cannot stop posting Kardashian and J Lo press releases as “news” or its web hosting account will be frozen until the bills are paid.

    Kardashian keeps JCH in gravy while viewers suffer w/ this dribble.

    No one except a street tranny has had as much BLACK meat placed in her openings as KK. It is a sad take that she can profit $$$ from it.

  9. That dress is screaming to be let loose.
    What a pig. She looks like a cartoon.

  10. As usual ..she looks like an idiot .
    That dress sucks and so does she .

  11. Does this wide load, over stuffed idiot own a full length mirror? What a serious, sorry loser family they are.

  12. Yacht party? Good thing – they need a yacht to fit her fat ass on.

    Imagine the house she’ll be in 10 years.

  13. lol, you gotta be miserable to be in the limelight and know everyone speaks negatively about you. LOL, look at Jonathan’s face. Even he’s disgusted…look down to avoid the view of her ass. Kim’s gross ass makes fat-assed black womens’ asses look small.

  14. Cheeban is pretty gross his damn self.

    He is clearly a homosexual, even though he denies it. And I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being gay, but the fact he denies it makes him worse.

    He is so ugly, I could never see a non attention whore woman really being interested in him, his face is so awkward. Gross.

  15. the woman is a dumb clueless moron no matter what she wears she always looks like a sausage that is about to split it’s casing such a pathetic existence for that whole family of c*nts she looks as is she has a paralised face

  16. But the real dumb ones are her supposed “followers” and any who buy products that she endorses and gets paid big $$$ for.

    Call out the Kardashian and J Lo’s as trash who care about nothing but $$$ and are happy to allow BLACKS ALL ACCESS ALL THE TIME!

  17. I bet that’s a Kanye Kreation. I just don’t understand the interest in this klan. They are mouth breathing, no-talent fame whores. I bet North calls nanny Mommy. She’s merely a photo prop for those pigs.

  18. She’s ridiculous looking. She probably has to buy a size 30 and have it altered to fit that fat ass of hers.

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