Just kidding. But she looks like she might be. We assume it’s due to “The Kanye Effect” that Kim Kardashian chooses to wear skin-tight low cut BLACK clothing on a steaming hot August afternoon. (Not to mention stiletto heels) Kanye dictates what Kim should wear (black, black, and more black) and she listens. Most pregnant women would prefer to wear something light and summery in cotton- appropriate for the weather. But those women are not married to Kanye West, the self-described artist.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Hopefully Americans don’t let their daughters to aspire to this filth.

  2. This woman is an ignorant, stupid, fat assed disaster. And that husband…(shudder ).

  3. maybe a perambulator is coming out too at the same time……………..WHO KNOWS?

  4. Poor little imposter tried a funny! KK is trash and a disgrace to her race. Why would people follow or emulate her?

  5. What else can she do?

    She is very short and with those huge hips, anything loosely fitting will make her look bigger. A tight dress will show she has a waist and perhaps put attention on her biggest asset rather than her squat body.

    BTW, where is Kanye?

  6. Wait….isn’t this the outfit she wore to the launch of her MOTHER’s NEW MAGAZINE? and she’s going to that venue as this picture is being snapped?

    This isn’t fair game Janet.

  7. Now her stomach will match her hips and BUTT!!!! Let’s just guess: she’s having a Boy and a Girl!!!!! Hope they don’t look like Kanye.

  8. A BALCK man’s dream….a huge hippos ass, always ready to service, and a very small brain!

  9. If you want her and them to go away then stop paying attention. The more attention that is being heaped on them just pushes them to keep on doing what they are doing. You may not be physically buying their products from their stores but remember clicks are dollars people. How much have we paid her today?

  10. Paul is absolutely right. The only way to make these ridiculous, famous-for-being-famous no talent idiots go away is to ignore them. They crave attention – even if it’s negative. When sites such as this post stories about them, no matter how much you want to, don’t comment. When bloggers like Ms. Charlton see that Kartrashian stories are being ignored by her readers, she’ll eventually stop posting about them. Without media attention, these idiots will fade into the sunset.

  11. The bloggers are most likely receiving payola for running stories on Kardashians and Jlo…..people w/ no talent.

  12. Paul and Pickupyoursocks, you are right. If no one posted on any Kardashian post…we would not see them again. But can we do it? I challenge you posters. Silence is golden.

  13. She’s full of plastic goo, fillers, implants, cat eyes .. weird augmentations and fat removed to plump up other parts of her body and gaining any normal pregnancy weight makes her look extremely uncomfortably abnormal in the boobs, butt and belly.. Hey it was her choice to adjust her natural attractive appearance to this freakish style she thinks makes her sexy to men, why she is married, but hey.. with the extreme changes.. there is no going back.

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